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I Did it W6R3

Had only a small slot to fit in my run yesterday, between 3.30 and 4.30, before picking up children from after school cricket. Parked at the school, loaded iPod and set off in the silly heat towards a local castle. There are a lot of wooded areas and lovely shady paths, so my idea was to do my warm up walk on the shady side of the road until the woods and then it would be cooler and my 5 mins would be up and I could run. It worked although still hot but not directly sunny. Was a bit shocked when Laura started her preamble, I thought I was on for a 20 min, but she told me 25 mins. Put me off my stride a bit and it took 5 - 10 mins to really settle in. Still not a speedy lady but ploughed on through some lovely scenery I even upped the pace a bit for last 5 mins and then responded a bit faster when Laura told me I had a minute left - The public bit by the school I was onto walking!!! Then I had to loiter with the yummy mummy's in my sweaty get up although they were very impressed I had run 25 mins - bit naughty I didn't tell them it was snails pace!

But I am going to have to listen to the run again, I missed the bit where Laura told me I was an official runner (mentioned so many times on here), and I really want to hear that.

Really excited that I think I can make this C25K and I'll be graduating soon.

Thank you all for your support, it is great coming on here and reading others experiences

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Sounds like a good run and excellent progress - only 9 more runs to go!


Now personally I think it would be very silly to tell a bunch of yummy mummies that you run slow, running for 25 minutes sounds loads better , and will make you feel better for sweating like a pig in front of them !


Yep think you're right - 'I ran for 25 minutes' does sound impressive and I was able to stand up and have a perfectly normal conversation without puffing or laying on the floor. In fact I ran for 25 minutes doesn't only sound impressive it is impressive and all us C25ers should pat ourselves on the back. Well done everyone, and well done GrannyJ I read your other post but you gave me encouragement that running slow was OK when I first started out, so I send that right back to you!!




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