I did it too W5R3!

Lizziebeth57 and MinxyMissK, I did it TOO! Skip, skip, skip.

I was a bit worried. I usually run in the morning, I had to run in the evening. It has been a lovely warm day so I thought I would be too hot. Plus how would I keep going?

But i did! I am surprised how much I respond to Laura encouraging me along, it almost makes the music bearable. I was hot, the first 5 mins were hard and I got a bit panicky and then I got on with it. And it was a beautiful evening and everyone I passed ( dog walkers and cyclists) gave me a nod.

The last 5 mins were the easiest and I could have carried on which bodes well for next week. Well done us! I now feel very smug and am sitting here beaming away to myself!

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  • Well done, ladies!!. What a team!! My wife is due to start W5 next run, unless she decides to repeat W4R3 for a second time, and I shall show her all these brilliant posts that have arrived this week with success in W5R3.


  • You beam away - you deserve it.

  • Amazing - very well done! So, when you do the 20 mins do you find that it's tough to start with, but then you get into a rhythm for the rest of the time?

  • I started off nice and steady like I always do, and it just felt ok. I kept telling myself I wasn't going to stop, and I was just enjoying being out in the fresh air, keeping myself moving. It felt amazing :)

  • The first bit is where you do need to be calm and just be slow and steady. Last night I didn't get that bit right because it was 7pm not 7am, the sun was in my eyes and lots of chaps were out on their bikes - I run along a flat bit of a great off road cycling area - and I felt like I was in the way. Second five mins I got my act together. All mind over matter, as Laura says week 5 is a mental challenge as we can do it! X

  • I see! I guess it's different for everyone, but sounds like it's all about pacing yourself - and avoiding bikes :) I think each run is giving me a tiny bit more hope I will be able to do the 20mins. Only just done W3R2 this morning though!

  • Yay, that's fab! I do mine tonight, eek...!!

  • I can't wait to hear how you get on!

  • Yes, let us know how it goes!

  • Fantastic! I was chatting back to Laura in my head, telling her I would do it, I would keep going and I was just bouncing when I completed it!

    We can really do this! x

  • Well done deb54.

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