Knee pain

My right knee has started to feel funny when I stretch or walk, it hurts when I put weight on it, I haven't had these problems before I started c25k. Has anyone experienced anything similar?


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  • yes me, I got, after advice on here, 2 knee supports from the dollar store, helped me loads. You dont say where in the programme you are but I was in week 2 / 3 and thought I was going to have to quit, I think loads hurt at that point, give the supports a go, I dont use mine any more, it was a temporary thing for me

  • Hi, thank you I'm on week 6 I'll look into some supports x

  • If your body is new to exercise then you will notice aches and pains as your body begins to protest at the new level of exertion

    As you get fitter you will get better. Make sure you have your rest days! You can improve your overall fitness by doing other exercise, eg walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, strength exercises etc, to build yourself up to support your running. That's what I'm doing as I found I was getting painful knees and ankles

  • I did 2 weeks, but my knees are shot to pieces, so I've had to re-evaluate my goals. Even a brisk walk aggravated them, and despite some really helpful and supportive entries on this site, I think running (though I REALLY enjoyed it) may not be the most sensible exercise for me.

    So, I've dusted down the old hydraulic stepper from the garage, and am taking Laura with me on my stationery runs in the kitchen. I have hand weights and step briskly while pumping the arms for the walking bits, and then lose the weights and get down like a speed skater for the running bits so I can feel I'm working the backs of my thighs and my not insubstantial rear end.

    I sweat like a pig, and it gets the heart pumping so, whilst I don't get the satisfaction of proving myself with the running, at least I am getting a good cardio workout, my bingo wings are seeing some activity, and my knees are safe.

  • I should probably add, I'm in my early 20s, I did a bit of exercise before but C25K has increased the amount of 'vigorous' exercise I do.

  • You might want to have a look at this website:

  • Thank you everyone I think I'm going to try to do some different types of exercise so I'm not just working the same muscles as well as getting a leg brace, it's just so hard to fit everything in! =)

  • Might also be worth a trip to the GP to get it checked just in case something mechanical is wrong. I discovered when I got knee pain early in the programme that my knee-caps are misaligned (and always have been)... Insoles from the podiatrist fixed the problem.

  • thank you

  • Update on my stepping from yesterday. NO knee pain AT ALL today. NO ankle pain AT ALL today. I got out of bed and didn't wince from the pain in my feet and ankles. I got down the stairs without having to hang onto the rail and stagger like a little old lady. What on earth happened on the stepper yesterday??!! The only parts of me which hurt a little bit are my upper arms from the weights, and my head from one glass too many of red wine last night while watching Suarez go cannibal! I haven't walked without hobbling first thing in the morning for ... years .... really! Running may have made things worse, but running led me back to my stepper, which seems to have made a miraculous change. Who knew!

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