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Knee Pain

Just started am carrying few xtra stones..taking it gently but knees hurting after...going out today run 3 so see how I go...any suggestions dont wanna stop thought if hurt today will just brisk walk today

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Try doing these exercises on your rest days. They worked for me! Strengthening is important for runners!

Also, it can be helpful taking 2 rest days if you are aching or have a niggle. If it turns to pain, you must stop running and see a doctor or physio, okay?

Best of luck!


Have you read this guide to the plan?


It may answer many of your questions.

Slow down and give your body a chance to adapt to the demands you are making of it. Keep your footfall under you body, not in front and if you are going to stick with the plan........of course you are!!.......then I recommend you get some proper running shoes from a specialist running shop after having a gait analysis.

Take it easy.


Thanks for advice


Thanks very helpful will do


Hi. I can only get out twice weekly when I'm at work (therefore having two or three rest days each time)

I have chronic back pain and so I think the extra rest days benefit me...and would maybe benefit you too?

I'm hoping to get out more over the next couple of weeks, BUT, if I struggle I will drop back.... Listen to your body Good luck!

Liz x




Thanks Liz will do x


Is your back pain due to the plan or are u a sufferer previously


Hi. No, my back pain is long term. Some days are better than others. So far the running is not making things worse so fingers crossed. X


Oh ok was just curious..take carex


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