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Knee pain


Hi all. So I have just completed w2r3 and my knee is absolutely killing me! I did r2 on Tuesday which is when the pain started so I left r3 until this evening and the pain is even worse! Is this normal? I did have a few knee problems as a teenager (37 now) but nothing super serious. I'm a complete beginner and haven't exercised in years! I have bought proper running shoes so I don't think it's that. Any advice?

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Sorry to hear that. Pain is not a good sign. My advice would be to get it checked by a physio. Seems expensive but from my experience worth the investment. Good luck

Ally_AEA in reply to Tartiflette

Thank you for replying. I would do that but honestly it is out of my budget. The whole reason I started this program in the first place was because I couldn't afford the gym 🤷🏻🙈 I will see a Dr though if it persists as I don't want to give it up as I do actually enjoy it

TartifletteGraduate in reply to Ally_AEA

A GP could refer you to an NHS physio but a bit of a longer wait. There are some good NHS pages about knee exercises and runner stretches - sorry can't link on my phone. Lots of knee problems are from weak glutes and quads. But definitely get a professional opinion to prevent long term damage. Hope it recovers soon.


Ouch! Sounds nasty! Knees are tricky, poorly designed makes then easily injured. I'm no expert but I think you need an expert eye to have a look. Also, you say you have proper running shoes, but did you have a gait test. They may be proper running shoes but unless you've been assessed they may not be the right ones for you.

The only thing i can say is see an expert (physiotherapist or such, maybe not your average GP who will just say 'don't run and take pain killers / antiinflamatories'). I think if I were you I would ease off the running until the pain goes away. Maybe next time try running on a treadmill (flat even surface is more forgiving on joints).

While you are waiting for your knees to stop being sore maybe some swimming or cycling to maintain your aerobic ability???

Take care and good luck.

Ally_AEA in reply to Goforitmama

Thank you for replying. No I didn't have them properly fitted, I didn't even know that was a thing to be honest! They're not as painful now just within an hour of finishing which makes me think it's probably the shock going up to my joints. I will give it a few days and see how I feel. I really (surprisingly) enjoy the program so I don't want to give it up!

GoforitmamaGraduate in reply to Ally_AEA

I get it! This running is addictive 🏃🏃🏃. Maybe try a treadmill next time ? But whatever you do, once you start getting twinges of pain please stop. Knees are very slow to repair, sometimes never. Pain in your knees is never good.

Take care and good luck😀😎😀😎😀


I had knee pain at the end of week 3 - ended up having to rest for around 9 days then started again - more slowly and after watching some youtube videos on proper running form.

Pretty sure I was overstriding, which is a common cause of knee pain.

Since I started again in week 4 i've had no problems with my knees (fingers crossed, touch wood, etc, etc)

Ally_AEA in reply to TrickyRuns

Thank you! That gives me some hope! I will definitely be leaving it at least a week before I run again

Oh yes yes yes my knees were killing me. Literally going ouch ouch ouch with every step. Problem Started on run 6. Thought was just muscle pain cos both knees felt the same. My Physio agreed. Checked my knees and no issue with them so encouraged me to continue and make an effort not to land on my heels but more mid to ball of feet area. So, I bought some sport inner soles from boots (about £15) put them in my trainers and took his ‘no heel advice’ and found a massive improvement immediately. So I have just done my 12th run today. Sooo pleased with myself I could scream. Don’t give up Ally.

Ally_AEA in reply to juliev100

Yes I'm pretty sure mine is muscle pain too. Ike I said I did have a little cartilage problem as a teenager but that was the best part of 25 years ago now so I'm sure it's not that! It's probably my technique (or lack of) for sure. I will have a look for those insoles. Thank you!

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