Getting back on track again

After 3 frustrating weeks of no running or walking as the Doc prescribed for achilles tendonitis (onset at just a week after graduation), I ventured out tentatively yesterday, at a gentle pace and started back at Week5 Run1, not wanting to stir it up. So far so good. Tempted to run for longer than the 3 x 5min stints, but resisted. All Ok this morning so fingers crossed, I'll do 2 or 3 weeks gradually retracing back up to the 30 mins to be sure. Ran with the heel inserts in my trainers, not sure how long I should do this for (thoughts anyone)?

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  • No idea, but I would like to no how you get on with them. I was in Sweat Shop a week ago and they made me inserts for my new running shoes but they felt really wierd. I passed on them

    Ankles are the bane of our life but I try and keep running. When I can't run on mine I make sure to do some other exercise to try and toughen myself up as I think half the trouble is that our bodies can't keep up with the stress of running, us being newbies generally speaking

  • Sorry I can't advise on the heel inserts, but I do think you've got a great plan in place for getting back to running for 30 minutes and well done for not pushing yourself too hard.

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