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Getting back into it?

Hi all, as some do you might know I started c25k in March and after graduating built up to 8k. Then I ended up overdoing it and having knee pain.

I've now rested for 5 weeks (except dog walking) and want to get back into it! Have bought a knee support and some shock absorbing insoles and plan to stay away from running on roads/concrete!

I suppose my question is, after 5 weeks out (not been to Zumba all that time either) where should I start back? Has anyone been in a similar situation? If so would you start c25k again or just pull back a bit but not right back? I'd thought of starting with a 3k maybe? Any advice much appreciated! I will be continuing strengthening exercises and making sure I stretch this time!

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I'm building up again after a knee injury too. Maybe just set out without any firm distance in mind and play it by ear. Be gentle with yourself, slow and easy, and make sure you stop before you get any pain. Good luck. Hope all goes well :)


I graduated late July and then the summer holidays and family illness and unfortunately death of that person seriously interrupted my running. I did nothing, but did go on long hilly walks, a few bikes rides and lots of body boarding. I felt the urge the other day and decided I had to start again. Liiterally - I started W1R1 and made it my aim to run the runs faster with the hope I build up my running speed (I am very slow). Must admit I found it hard but enjoyable - but now I'm ill have a stinking cold and ache all over. Obviously nothing to do with starting back running, but enough to stop the restart. Kicking myself over that.

I would just do what you feel you can do maybe go back to the 20 min run week.

Good luck


Not expert to give advice but just to say good luck. You did so well to get to 8k.


I was in the same position and after 8 weeks not running decided to start back at week 1 - I found that I was completing it much faster than first time round - sort of followed week 1 for a couple of weeks but doing parkrun on saturdays, but this morning I did the park run without any walking, so after 3 weeks of being back running, I think I'm going to change my tactics - I run 3 times a week, so one of those will be park run, one will be following couch to 5k again, but really pushing myself and one will be just running really slowly trying to increase my distance.

Good luck, whatever you do, you will find that you are fitter than you think, and definitely fitter than first time round.


Thanks everyone! Planning to go for first run in 6 weeks on Thursday so

Will see how it goes! I feel really nervous about my knee, I have loved being able to run and was so upset at getting knee pain!


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