W2R3 - has it only been two weeks????

W2R3 - has it only been two weeks????

Can't believe that it's only two weeks since I started C25k. Feels like I've been doing this forever.

This picture is the forest track that I found last time out; I completed W2R3 here this morning at 6:30. Haven't been out since Tuesday so was pleasantly surprised that, compared to R1, the running was quite easy despite a bit of a niggle in my left knee.

I know I'm hooked now. In one section of the forest, I can see a good five minutes running one way and another five the other (based on my abilities). This morning, I saw a couple run the length of this and my only thought was "in three weeks, I'll be able to do that".

I can't find it within myself to rant about the footie yet.


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15 Replies

  • What a beautiful place to be running. Lucky you started running or you might never have found it! Keep up the good work.

  • Fantastic place to go for a run. Happy running :-)

  • Looks like a lovely place to run. Congrats on completing w2 :)

  • Sizing up future running routes while on W2 is a sign of irredeemable addiction.........brilliant. Looks like a great place to run, although might test GPS.

    It might seem like weeks, DL, but you have lasted longer than England in Brazil (ok you can rant now) and in the scheme of things you will look back on this couple of months of C25k with great pleasure and satisfaction as the start of a new chapter in your life.

    Well done, stick with it.

  • Gonna get the bike out there later in the week to see what else I can find.

    I'll wait til Costa Rica give us a sound thrashing on Tuesday before I sound off about footie!

  • These forest tracks are the best. Well done on finishing week 3.

    Happy running.

  • That looks like my snake!

    Well done Diabolical. Great to run trails isn't it. Just you and a million other folks are vying for space. Only kiddin. Enjoy yourself out there. Take care as you can easy turn an ankle. Watch your foot placement but keep an eye on where you're going obviously.

  • I think I've managed a minor twist on my knee already!! Fortunately, I know a guy who, prior to retiring, was an athletics coach so I'm all packed up in ice and will be back out there on Tuesday...

  • What a gorgeous place to run and a beautiful morning. I love the way that the same run seems easier the next time you do it - always a sign of progress and great for your confidence isnt it?

  • And almost nobody else around either which is really welcome until I can run for a few minutes as a bare minimum.

  • I hope you're taking Hobbes out with you! Think how much fun you could have in the winter!

  • I can't tell you how many time I've prayed for a transmogrifier.......

  • Too right! (You don't meet many Calvin aficionados welcome to running.)

  • :-)

  • Thx to all who responded.

    I'm sure you already know but the words of encouragement are so welcome in the early stages.

    I didn't tell the whole truth in the initial post - I wanted to give up after Run 1 but there was simply no way I was coming onto this forum to admit defeat! It got easier around run 4!

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