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Is it ever ok to run two days in a row??

Moring bloggers after a week off due to a gym refit ( very posh it looks too thank you) and last night no running cos i felt poo pants due to a flu jab I've only run twice this week. we are away saturday so again no run:( ......could i run again tomorrow morning?? todays run/ jog was really good managed 5.5 k and only stopped cos the time was running out in the car park - don't say run outside ...i can't because of back surgery and really don't want to cods it up. Any thoughts??

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Hi Redfacewoman,

First the disclaimer - I'm not an expert and everything I know I've read here - but I'd say be cautious and take the day off like you're supposed to. The reason for rest days that I keep reading here is to reduce the likelihood of picking up an injury - and if you've already had back surgery and don't want to mess things up I wouldn't risk it. You really don't want a hurty back before you even go away on Saturday. You already know that your running didn't suffer from a week off so an extra day is also not going to make too much difference.

You're doing so well to be able to run 5.5K, back op or not!!!!

Ann x


A good point well made ....yes your right perhaps i'll do a gentle bike ride or a swim - well a sauna and steam then! :)


I'm going to stick my neck out here and say - if it feels ok, then do it. It's only half an hour! If you feel too knackered don't do it - you have lots of other options. Whatever you do, have fun. V xx


I'm with Vivwestie on this one - it's not like you are a complete beginner (and even some of the beginner programmes make you run 2 days in a row) and a lot of the improver ones suggest 2 days in a row or even 2 sessions in one day to improve fitness. Listen to your body, if you feel ok, do it - if not, have a rest day!


I graduated back in July and recently have cautiously dared to run 2 days in a row on several occasions without any ill effects. I would not do two very long or hard runs on consecutive days tho. Good luck!


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