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These times they are a changing!!!

This time last year I was running 5K in 31.20 PB and managing 10's in 1:06.30 then it all seemed to go to pot. I had a bout of sciatica but not too bad, then another leg injury which laid me off running for 4 weeks. Since then all I've managed to do is 5K's in about 36-38 minutes. Most of the running has been forest tracks which is always slower. So this morning I decided to do a 5K all tar/pavement run and see if I could speed up a bit. I did manage but can't say it was easy as it wasn't. Just don't know why I'm so much slower, will have to get stuck into some HIIT again perhaps, or recharge my batteries. ;)

Garmin stats -

Does anyone else find drivers are not very considerate to runners in a morning, I had terrible trouble crossing two roads, will have to adjust this route I think.

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It took me quite a while to re-gain my speed and stamina after my three week lay-off following my calf injury, but I did eventually get there and was eventually running even faster, if not further! It was a slow, difficult business and I had a few set-backs on the way but found several shorter runs rather than trying to do longer ones helped.

However, I've now been out for two weeks with whatever muscle injury it is I have and I don't know when I'll be able to run again - I'm still struggling to walk at times!

I'm not looking forward to the work it's going to take to get back on track, especially with the Anniversary Run on July 21st. I really wanted to run the whole way but at this rate, I very much doubt it's possible. Hope it all begins to come together for you soon, oldgirl. :-)

On the subject of drivers, I must admit they're usually pretty good although I run at less busy times. Mind you, I do look them in the eye, give them an acknowledging wave and dare them to not give way!! ;-)


Thanks dottiemay for your reply I was beginning to think it was me losing heart. This is the third time I've had to fight back after illness/injury and each time its been harder, but there again each time I've been that bit older too. I'm not expecting to win any medals for running but it would be nice to get back to last years levels in speed and distance. Once day hopefully :)


I think we'll just have to resign ourselves to plugging away to regain our fitness! It is discouraging when we've come so far and done so well, to then be hit by injuries. I don't think mine was even caused by running - I think it was mowing the lawn with the wrong mower which did it, so I'm even more annoyed! C'mon - we can do it; we got this far, we'll be back!

I'm trying to look on it as a long term thing, so a few weeks catching up (again!) wouldn't have been so bad were it not for the Run coming up. Never mind, I'm determined to run part of it and definitely to run into the Stadium even if I have to get hubby to carry me back to the car! ;-)

And this will probably be the only medal I'll get for ANY sport!! Oh, I tell a lie - I did once win a medal at a holiday park for a team game...!


Haha my medal days are long over although I won a lot as a youngster with my swimming. Even got as far as County level, not bad for an asthmatic, there were no inhalers in those days either. :)


Oh no old girl don't loose heart, it's your motivating blogs and comments that keep me trying to run.

cars haven't caused too many problems as I generally use crossings, it's the bikes riders who are on the pavements that get me heated, they think I should be standing aside for them when really they should be on the road and not on the pavement at all rant rant.


I know what your mean about bikes, they come up behind you too without a sound, can give you a real fright.

I didn't plan this mornings run very well and ended up about 200 yards short of a crossing, it seemed a long way to run down to it just to have to come all the way back, up hill too. Will teach me to plan my routes better in future. :)


Must be where you live re: the car drivers, as mine are very polite and always stop.

I hope you can improve on your PB for 5k. I am happy just to get the distance, despite how long it takes.

Good luck oldgirl.


Thanks Burstcouch, its more frustrating than anything. I'm getting stubborn as I'm getting older I guess and I'm not prepared to accept that I maybe can't do the same as I could a year ago. I'll keep chipping away at it as always and keep my fingers crossed that I don't have any more injuries to contend with.


I used to worry about my 5k time and now I don't. I think that a10 minutes difference here or there is not really worth being concerned about. Also, I prefer to run slowly! So, to enhance my enjoyment of the run, I just go at my own pace without a care!! I think you're a star for coming back after injury :)


"I prefer to run slowly!" Thank you so much for writing that, it was really what I needed to see. I keep trying and trying to up my speed, but it's just not as comfortable and enjoyable as plodding along at a comfortably slow pace.


Be patient - I've learnt that's the best way, having had to give up on half-marathon targets twice due to injury. I'm now being a bit kinder to myself and seeing gradual improvements.


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