W8 R1 - Longer than Expected


Last nights run was longer than expected. An encounter with a farming moving his sheep between fields meant that I had to detour a little. Instead of the normal week 8 run 1 5+28, I did 5+33. And I felt awesome as this is also the first time that I don't feel really heave legged. Distance covered was 5.8 km :-)

Before my run I used a foam roller on my legs for the first time, I am wondering if this helped me to warm up.

The creators of this programme should be commended as I can clearly see progress in my running.

Happy running everyone.


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  • Hi

    Thank you. The foam rollers are in sports direct for ยฃ6 at the minute if you fancy putting yourself through it. Was rather quite painful but I believe made a real difference.

    I think I need to do better warm ups to promote my legs not feeling as heavy during the run, going to work on this over the coming weeks.

  • Ah the joys of running in the countryside!

    Well done on your run Gareth and may all the remaining ones feel as easy as this one.

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