Couch to 5K

Week 8 completed and i'm feelin' gooooood :-)

Hello everybody!

It's been a few days since i caught up - you're always soooo busy here, such a lot seems to have happened!

Many many congratulations to all the new Graduates i've missed; all very best of luck to the newbies just starting out on their grand running adventure; nice work and cool runnings to the folk released from the injury couch and get well soon to those who have been forced to plonk themselves down to recover from one thing or another!!!

Just wanted to tell you i finished Week 8 this eve and have loved every minute of it ... i really like settling into a longer run slash shufflejog ... 28 minutes??? Three times??? Unbelievable!!! Got to LOVE Laura. However, she did desert me which is fine, of course i forgive her, i owe her so much for the 7 weeks she helped me so brilliantly; she plays beautifully on the desk at home but doesn't like moving past the warm-up walk outside. Freaky weird ... I am disappointed to have missed Julie but have loved running on a timer with good music for company!

Let Week 9 commence - 3 X 30 minutes! I am ready to keep it steady!

Cool Runnings to you all :-)

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Excellent and well done. Three more runs to Graduation ;)?


Thanks Paul ... i know you're closer than me - are you down to just your graduation run to complete now? All the best with that - you're going to nail it and your target pace too, no problemo :-)


Hopefully :) Just started w9 tonight and completed r1. I'm due to graduate this Sunday....fingers crossed :)


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