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Week 3 DONE

I got back late last night, I've had a sore throat for a few days and woke up this morning feeling less than great and the wet miserable weather seemed to echo my feelings but I got up and went and hurrah I'm done

The second minute of the last 3 minute seemed tough but I've done it,

I was slightly down about having lost no weight but a friend I've not seen since I started tells me I've lost inches, my face looks like a panda no more (my ill health gave me terrible black eyes) and that I have a whole new outlook :-) so yay for running

I think after 3 weeks I'm gonna invest In some good running clothes now

So week 4 is now on the horizon

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I'm very envious! Resting knee after Wk 2 brought on severe pain!


Sensible though, pushing through could have caused serious damage And left you not wanting to get back to it, hoping for a speedy recovery


Congratulations! It's a big achievement when, for whatever reason, you have a not so good run, but you finish it!

Yes it's nice to have some running clothes. I have a couple of Karrimore tops and cropped leggings from Asda! I will build on my running wardrobe as I'm going along!

My weight loss has slowed down since running but my shape is changing for the better! Lol what's wrong with looking like a Panda?! ;-) xx


Personally I found I lost very little weight in the earlier part of the plan. I'm now losing 1.5lb each week. Running 3 - 2 times a week. Well done on completing W3 and glad your feeling good about yourself!



I put on weight at the start but it soon started to come off once I stopped over compensating by eating too much after a 30 second run! Ooops. Blush

Well done on turning out to run Hils! I bet that woke you up and made you feel much better.

Another one ticked off

Good idea to get yourself a bit of new kit as it will encourage you and give you a bit of a boost.


Well done, that sense of achievement is great. Happy shopping, you realise you will get seriously addicted to running kit!


Well done, Khillary on completing week 3 and making good progress in the plan. It is a great feeling to be doing something to enhance your life, isn't it? I don't think you even realise how much it will give you at this point, at least I didn't and I know many others say the same.

You won't really lose weight at this stage in the plan unless you also make some dietary changes and even small changes implemented over a week add up, eg., no crisps (if you are a crispaholic, cutting out chips, or biscuits.etc. Just one minor change can mean you lose a pound or two a week. As you progress through the plan, you will certainly notice yourself looking and feeling more toned, your body will seem more taught, clothes may fit better.

Some people use an app that they use to calorie count and I am sure if you ask here, if you are interested in that, then people will be happy to give you the benefit of their experience with it.

Either way, when you are doing the 30 minute runs x 3 weekly, then you will see the most weight loss and body transformation, as long as you aren't eating more to compensate for your energy expenditure.

The thing with this running lark is it changes you in many ways for the better. It gives you a feeling of purpose, of strength, of determination and as you are now a runner, you want to fuel your body appropriately with the best fuel and for me, eating cakes, biscuits, chips, chocolate, etc., no longer really appeals. Of course, I do indulge occasionally but in the main, I'd prefer a banana, a bowl of sugar free muesli, some nuts, etc. And the occasional treat is then really a treat, rather than a daily habit that I dislike.


Well Done! Do treat yourself, now you've proven you're committed you deserve some nice kit.

Happy running :)


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