I did 10k!!!!!!

I can't believe it!!!

Yes it wasn't the fastest 10k ever. Mo Farah can rest easy but I did it.

I hadn't set out to do it when I went out this morning. I assumed it would be around 8-8.5. To put you in the picture on Saturday I ran out 4km and then turned and ran back. This morning I decided to run on as I figured a full "loop" would be around the 8.5km mark. I was wrong :-) . Under normal circumstances the run might be 9.5ish but the route crosses a level crossing. When I was within about 35m, the lights started flashing and the barriers came down. I had 3 choices.

1. I could stop (I reckon I would have seized up as this was around the 7.5k mark)

2. I could run on the spot ala 118 and look exceedingly silly.

3. I could run back for a bit and then return and keep this going until the barriers opened.

I opted for 3 and ran back and forth 8 times (2 trains passed). Off I went and completed the loop and it measured 10.14 km :D

By the end my paced had slowed to around 9.5kph but I did it. I am so chuffed :D

I cannot beleive I managed this so soon after C25K graduation.

I may well have a nice glass of something tonight to celebrate and ease my weary bones :-)


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24 Replies

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  • Oh well done runner56, that's brilliant. A cheeky little 10k that just crept up on you without too much planning. You must be absolutely thrilled. Congratulations :)

  • Thanks AM. I am thrilled. The pressure is on now to do it again and mean it :-)

  • Awesome! Well done... that's some effort and a distance I am aiming for now (well, in a few weeks time).. I still think option 2 would have been more amusing to the people on the train though... :)

    Sounds a pretty decent pace there too... Mo mightn't worry just yet, but he ain't getting any younger... (says me!)..

    Do let us know how the legs are tomorrow morning... :)

  • Thanks Aussie. Legs feel ok just now but my left foot went a bit numb around 8km. I wonder if thats it telling me its time for new shoes?

  • Legs not too bad this morning Aussie. Achiles are a bit tighter than normal but that should ease with movement. Have a good day

  • Awesome - well done! My legs will be ready for a cheeky 30 min run later today... :)

  • Thanks Kittykat. Option 1 or 2 weren't realistic I'm afraid. It would have been a hobbly walk home for option 1 and I really dont have the 'tache to carry off option 2 :D

  • Wow, congratulations!!! That is great stuff, and you certainly deserve the glass of wine.

  • Thanks Tomas. As soon as the football is finished its into the garden for the much promised 'reward' :D

  • Fantastic. A great achievement and well done. Mind you, I'm not sure what people at the level crossing thought about you disappearing then reappearing eight times ;)

  • :D :D

    Luckily it was at 5 am or so on a country road Paul. There were some sheep that looked at me oddly though :-)

  • Ah, right. That's not too bad then ;)

  • WELL DONE! Very bloody well done, what an achievement that is and so soon after graduation! *big round of applause* Bet you feel amazing for such an accomplishment!

    I aim to join you in 10K land on Friday. You beat me to it! :D

    That's brilliant though, such an achievement and an inspiration. Very very well done. :-)

  • Thanks Miles. Completely unintentional but feels great all the same. I doubt I would have did the 10 if the crossing was open. Looking back at runtracker, the back of forth running was nearly 1km!!!

    Hope friday goes well for you.

  • Wow, just Wow ! That is amazing , fab stuff ! Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks. I think we all amaze ourselves and can pinpoint c25k as the reason :-)

  • Well done on your 10 k! Have a good rest before doing another one as your body needs to be ready strength-wise for these longer distances to prevent injury

    Take care

  • Thank you. Thursday is normally the shorter, faster run day but I may take an extra rest day and run on Friday

  • Fantastic well done

  • Thanks :-)

  • Well done, that's fantastic! Its great when it just sort of creeps up on you like that. Here's to many more! x :-D

  • Thanks. Maybe not this week. Too hot!!! :-)

  • Now here's a thing.... Once I'd conquered 10k, by which I mean feel confident about it - and it took me a couple more runs - I reckoned that I could pretty much do anything. I pushed to 11k, then got all brave and found a 13.5k loop, then 15k by adding something to that, then 10 miles....which lead to 21.1k. A half marathon distance.

    So much of this is in your head. A tip for going further? Add the extras on to the front of a run, not the end. It means that once you're starting to tire, you know you've only got to do something you've done before. Remove the doubt by running smaller parts of the overall distance beforehand so that you're familiar with them, warm up, hydrate and be positive.

    Congratulations, I bet you'll be back soon with stories of more achievements!

  • Thanks Rob and thanks to your westie.

    I hadnt thought much about adding to the front end but having considered your post, I know what you mean. I think thats why I had generally 'ran out and then ran back' in my runs as I knew exactly what remained.

    Some great points there. Much appreciated.

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