I discovered this website when I was half way through W3 so I'm a long term lurker. I must say I have found the posts inspirational so thank you one and all. At the start of this journey I thought ‘ye gods what I am I doing’ but persevered and have just finished what I must say is an enjoyable structured program. I haven’t yet been able to crack the magic 5K. W9R1 was 4.4km, R2 was 4.5km and well the final run I reckon, would of been 4.8km if it wasn’t for some scrawny teenager who tried to trip me up which I had to stop to give a piece of my mind, I wanted to give him a size ten up the rear but thought better of it. I can't wait to start on early shifts next week as there won't be anyone around for a 4am run. Anyway I must say to anyone who is starting this program the hardest part is getting out your front door the rest is a lot easier.

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  • Congratulations and welcome to the graduate club.

  • Well done! Excellent feeling to have cracked W9. Good luck with the early runs.

  • Congratulations, I have also found this forum an inspiration and fantastic resource....I also think it's great that so many graduates continue to post so many encouraging comments to us under-graduates! Cheers

  • Congratulations on graduating ;o)

  • Congratulations well done

  • Wooohoooo! Congratulations.

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations, well done :)

  • Congratulations sparrahawk, graduating is something to be really proud of. Make sure you take the time to enjoy your success today. :)

  • Congratulations