Couch to 5K

Week 8 Completed! Yeah!

So, despite flying to SFO for a week, I managed to fit in the 3 week 8 runs (28 mins each), albeit 2 on a treadmill in the hotel and 1 on the roads back in the UK. I'm so pleased, even though they were hard, hard work with 8 hours jet-lag and 11 hours stuck on a plane, but I just did it :)

Week 9 still looks daunting to me, but every time that happens I look at how far I've come (literally) and remind myself that the program has always been a stretch, but an achievable one. For the moment I'm not interested in speeds and feeds, but just looking forwards to completing this amazing program. Good luck to all the other week 8 and 9'ers out there, and all those who have that pleasure still to come.

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Congratulations for completing week 8 and good luck for week 9 :-) graduation is on the horizon! Happy Running :-)


Well done, nick. I've also just completed w8 today. Good luck with w9 :)


Can't have been easy to run with the jetlag. So well done to you.

Good luck for your graduating week. Hopefully it will be mine too.

Happy running


Well done...I know jet lag and running is a killer, so a double well done. I start week 9 on I'm right there with you.....good luck for your graduation week and see you soon with your shiney new graduation badge.


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