Regeneration almost complete.

(Monday) Having completed our first mission I have been approached by an intergalactic agency asking for help with the tricky issue of how best to deal with their neighbours - apparently we give off the impression that success is our middle name. Right all, we need to give this some thought.


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  • You don't fool me, I know who you are!

  • Ok well what will the next disguise be? And where am I so easy to find?

  • And let's have less of this time travelling. The new HU logs your posting time and is only one hour out.

  • Not time travel. Only across galaxies, not time zones.

  • Oops put that wrong. Not time travel, only travel across galaxies.

  • Quoting Miranda's mum, are we?

  • And again, who's Miranda's mum?

  • Bear with, bear with. (you have to watch the program, really).

  • Are all of these Miranda quotes? Help!

  • Miranda Hart - comedy legend.

    Has her own TV program, simply called Miranda, with a collection of catchphrases (as you've discovered). Famously invented the descriptive phrase 'breast clap' for when she turns over in the night.

  • That's what I call, exciting!

  • Who's Miranda's mum?

  • Dozz, you don't watch Miranda?? Surprised doesn't come close! :)

  • Heck, it looks as though I'm the one who is about to be lynched in the next door galaxy.

  • You don't watch Miranda? That's, what I call, unacceptable behaviour :)

  • Aargh! Confusion.

  • Visited Ron and Grandad with chocolates.

  • Ron ate a lot of the pralines and fudges, grandad took out the violet creams, but the triangles are left.

  • Love it. I dont watch Miranda either, but seeing Dozz befuddled is entertaining.

  • Box set! I'll stick to my own thanks - bit more heroes, cars and general derring-do with fighting in-between. Miranda sounds like a bit of a girl. I assume she has chocolate issues.

  • Maybe I'm the problem neighbour, I certainly seem to be on a distant planet far from Miranda-land. I sense amusement at my discomfiture. Bullies - at least I only take on entities, not individuals. We were a bit harsh on Gobby Brenda though.

  • You cant trick a tricker, but befuddling the befuddler is fair game, your war certainly had some scratching their heads. I 'got it' but couldnt join in easily. I guess that particuar category of joking about was too Brit for me.

    Gobby Brenda brings these things on herself.

    Off to the shops, with my own decrepit wheelue trolley. Gas an awful squeak, i think one if the wheels is about to go.

  • I think something from my DVD shelf should be chosen tomorrow. In fact, I insist, but there is a choice - Die Hard, Fast and Furious 5, or Despicable Me.

  • Hey Dozz, I have a secret weapon....... :-) xxx

  • Pops, quick tell me while no one's listening.

  • Ha ha , walls have ears Dozz, loose lips sink ships , all will be revealed soon,my friend :-) xxx

  • Cracking stuff! It's not be to do with this Miranda, is it?

  • Oh no , what I will reveal will blow Miranda ( whoever she is ) out of the water, nations will crumble Dozz, the libraries will close for half days on Tuesdays, there will be no Zumba classes on Thursday nights, it will be the end of civilisation as we know it :-) xxx

  • Libraries! Half day on a Tuesday? Zumba's already changed to a Saturday round here though. I await further installments.

  • And why do I keep thinking that your new user pic is a teddy , with no ears mind you , but still a teddy ? :-) xxx

  • I reckon because the pic looks like the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh, in his little red top (and no undercrackers).

  • Cripes -that won't do. I'm a superhero not a commando. Ah, those were good little reads on a Saturday morning.

  • Yes TT that is it ! Ha ha oh Dozzer :-) xxx

  • I guess you're not talking about Audis, but I don't think you're talking about Miranda either. Am I an innocent not understanding this TT reference?

  • Keep up Dozz, TT is Turbo Tortoise :-) xxx My fault, Im trying to answer too many posts at the same time :-) xxx

  • Wouldn't mind an Audi TT actually...

  • Nah and Audi R8 way better

    Tony Stark favours the R8

  • I'll stick with Mark Strong - much more villainous.

  • I'll try to keep up. I'd not thought of shortened names - I tend to extend them.

  • I think a more fittingly superhero-ish imago is required for Dozzer's graduate metamorphosis. Though this Winnie the Pooh has clearly taken up running and is watching his honey intake.

  • Struggling with genre. Regeneration failing.

  • I'm still regenerating - choosing an outfit for a hero can be difficult. Maybe I should create a range.

  • Such fun!

  • Hah, you need haberdashery , ( Isnt that a great word ?) Its on the 2nd floor :-) xxx

  • Oh, even I like haberdashery - what a word!

  • Permission to be promoted to head of haberdashery please Sir ? :-) xxx

  • It will have to include knitting and crochet patterns and even then it may not be acknowledged in your title.

  • Pah ! Excuse me , I can knit and crochet. I have knitted the pugs portable feeding bowls and have crocheted little squares that were sewn together to make a parachute :-) I have earned that title Dozz and no one is taking it away from me :-) xxx

  • Oh Doss, You must become acquainted with Miranda. You are incomplete. The Doctor would never be incomplete. Sorry that should have started "Oh Dozz"

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