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Feeling Somewhat Chuffed With Self

Feeling Somewhat Chuffed With Self

Last week I ran my RFL and finished in a reasonable time - but I didn't think it was my best run ever. And I felt sorry for my two younger companions who had to keep waiting for me. And we raised money for Cancer Research so all was well in the Mooney camp.

Anyway today arrived and Sunday is usually run somewhere nice and for as long as I like day. But I didn't feel like going out at all.

Kicked self and put on trainers. Drove to a local park and parked up. Decided to try a couple of different things.

1) Walked on the grass for my five minute warm up, and the first one minute of running. It was nice and not too difficult - the running part I mean. Walking through the trees was also very enjoyable.

2) Ran for first ten minutes - always my worst part - and then decided to walk for the next music track. I thought it would be interesting to see how I would do if I did the whole run on a walk/run based on the music tracks.

It went well :-) Some tracks were three minutes or so, some four and I am sure one walking track was only two minutes. I hadn't a clue what was coming next because my mp3 player was on shuffle.

But I survived and enjoyed my water and snack when I got back to the car. When I got home I had a surprise. My average pace was better than my "straight" runs earlier in the week:

Tuesday 9.02/km, 3.65 km

Thursday 9.09/km, 4.43 km

TODAY 8.46/km, 7.15 km

The route was lovely. I did try hitching a ride with an elderly lady on her mobility scooter but I think she thought I was a little bananas.

So that is why I am quite pleased with myself.

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And rightly so :) There have been a few posts recently discussing the possible benefits of the walk/run kind if training. It certainly seems to work for you :) Well done.


Wow, that's a really interesting way of setting your walk/ run intervals and it looks like it paid dividends. Well done, might try that!


well done you...fab progress :)


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