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Goodbye week 7, roll on week 8!

Just completed the last run of week 7 and feeling good about it. I still had some way to go to get back home at the end of the run so, after walking for 5 mins, I picked up the pace and ran for another 10.

I was just wondering whether my stamina and conditioning would have been better improved had I just continued without taking the 5 minute warm down walk at the end of the podcast? What I did notice was that this second run was much much easier than the first 10 mins of the final week 7 run.

I have heard about this 'toxic ten' symptoms but the difference was so huge for me that I am just wondering if I warmed up correctly?

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I wonder if it felt so much better just because it was a free run with no expectations, no goals and no thinking "I've got to keep going for another x minutes." However, several on here are advocates of run/walk, so it could be that you just got your second wind after the recovery walk.

To be honest though, while it's a great achievement and hopefully gave you a taste of why so many of us are addicted to running, I wouldn't recommend repeating it. Stick with the programme - just 2 more weeks! - and then feel free to increase your distance (probably on just one run per week) but by no more than 10% running time a week.

Enjoy W8!


I stuck to the podcasts until Graduation but since then I have noticed that when doing longer distances it actually gets easier after the first couple of miles. I do some walking on the longer distances though, especially steep hills although trying to jog more of them


Well done on completing week 7 and good luck with w8 and 9 :)


Thanks Paul


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