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After a short break I managed W6R1 :)

I failed this run miserably on Monday, it seems I wasn't very well so it set me back a few days. I didn't want to attempt it again while feeling poorly but this morning I felt 100% so gave it a go, fully expecting not to manage it. Well, I did it and it felt great :) I covered 4km which is the furthest I've managed so far just by increasing my speed slightly (i do it on a treadmill).

Confidence back now and looking forward to R2 and R3.

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Glad to hear you've recovered from your illness. I run on a treadmill and increase my speed slightly each week. It really helps with increasing fitness and stamina levels as well as distance covered. Covering 4k at the start of w6 is good going and it looks like you are well on target, if that's of interest to you, to reach 5k in 30 minutes by w9r3 :) Good luck.


It is a great feeling....Good luck with 2 & 3!!


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