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Resuming c25k after a short break?


Hello everyone, this is my first post on here ☺

I have been following th c25k programme and loving it. I reached w4r2 about a week ago but had a nasty cold and bad chest, couldn't complete my last run and felt awful so decided to take a break. Still don'

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Sorry, pressed send before finishing my post😊. Was going to say that I still don't feel 100% but want to get back to it. Just wanted to ask if I should resume where I left off or should redo some of my completed runs?


I would say carry on where you left off. Chances are you will get through it fine. If not, so what repeat it again in a couple of days.

But don't start running again until you feel 100% happy to do so. The cold is a pain, but if you are going to run regularly then you will need to get used to these little setbacks.

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Thanks for the advice! will continue with w4r3 and see how I get on.


Keep posting and if you are resting and chilling read all the FAQ Posts on this amazing forum and everything really, top tips, etc, etc,

So much supportive and interesting reading that will feed you to enjoy and complete the programme at your own pace.

It is everyone’s individual journey and your encouraged to take it at your own pace and enjoy it.

If you have the time and no time constraints and pressures just go when you are ready to run and completely tension free.👏👏


Start where you left off. If you can’t manage it then drop back a run. You'll soon get back into it

Have fun 👍🏃‍♀️


Feel better first... then head out for a, see what happens, run. Test the legs out and see where you would feel happier starting out again:)

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