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Should I start again after a month break?


Hi! I started Couch to 5k in September and loved it... it was hard but going well and I progressed to week 4 d1. However, I then had a virus, and was ordered by the doctor to have bed rest so had to stop the program. This lasted 2 weeks, and then it took me another 2 weeks to get back to into it.

I wanted to ask if anyone had any advice about whether I should start the whole thing again, or go back to week 4... I just did week 1, day 1, to get back into it... it was hard, but not impossible.

Has anyone experienced a break like this, and did you start again or carry on from where you left off?

Thank you!

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I had a month off with a bad knee after finishing Week 3 and started back doing Week 2 which I managed fine. So I'd just go back a week or two and see how you get on if I were you? Good luck! :-)


you have done w1r1 without too much hassle, so try w2r1 and see if that's ok too. Then do w2r2 if it's really hard or w3r1 if not. If you've only had a month off you'll probably be ok with w3 or even w4

sarah469Graduate in reply to rmnsuk


Yes, I got up to week 9 and stopped last April as I play in a band that does a lot of music festivals and couldn't keep it up! I have started again with a friend who hasn't done it at all, from week 1, and now I'm on week 2. I'll get there again....

I'd go with rmnsuk's suggestion.

p.s. thank you all, (sorry for very late reply) I got the hang of it a final time and I'm up and running now (haha). Your comments really helped!! x

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