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Bitter and Twisted... Just a wee bit! :-)


W6R3 I felt a niggle in my knee but was having such a good run I continued. W7R1 same niggle but this time developed into pain. Stopped running and walked the 2K home.

I'm bummed! Instead of smiling encouragingly at runners I see, I now give them the death stare! One I actually shouted at to stop running. How dare he... Or you... Run when I can't. :-)

That was Wednesday and today is Saturday. It was never very painful but I was aware of a dull ache. It improved a lot after a couple of days rest... Until last night I forgot and sat on my knees to do something. Grrrrr!! Pain back.

I go on holidays in 2 weeks... A walking holiday!! So will just have to accept that I probably won't be running much before then. I have to make sure I'm fit enough to walk. So no graduation for me before my hols... :-(

I'm signed up to do a 5k in August. I'm glad as that will give me the motivation to get started when I get back.

I probably sound a lot more annoyed than I really am. Such is life and there's worse things that could happen.

To all of you in good health... Enjoy! To those of you on the injury couch... Pass the vino!!!

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Aw, bad luck. I think you right to rest it, though, if you are about to do some serious walking. Hope it heals up soon.


Oh such bad luck. I've had my share of knee pain too and it probably started about the same time in the programme. You could try a weekend of intensive RICE RICE and more RICE. That, and taking 3-4 days rest between runs worked for me. Get some ice packs and some Tubigrip (the right size for your knees because it does come in different sizes) Pack you knee in ice and sit with your feet up and rest until the ice pack melts, then return it to the freezer. Then put the Tubigrip on and rest with your leg elevated again until the ice packs have refrozen, before removing the Tubigrip and starting icing again. Repeat these 2 steps for as long as your family members are prepared to put up with it- I managed a whole day and the difference to my knees was amazing. I then wore the Tubigrip for extra support during each run and that helped too. KittyKat came up with the Tubigrip therapy and I appointed her my knee guru because I worked so well for me. I really hope it helps you too. Very very best wishes - it will get better :)

Thanks ladies. Unfortunately have a busy weekend ahead but will RICE as much as I can. If only I hadn't sat on my knees......

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