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Post graduation run 2, Stepping stone, Mmmmm

Set of this morning at 8am for the stepping stone podcast. It's summer in Scotland and what does that mean, rain? no, sunshine but it was only 5 degrees brrrr!

Found this run quite a challenge, had to really shorten my pace to keep to the beat and felt like I was going really slowly until the last speed increase then it was much more comfortable. Keep having to jump in the air to get back in step ( I just can't cope unless the "one" count is on my left foot! oh dear, probably weird I know)

Managed to sprint at the end, whenever Laura says there is a finish line I just find myself going for it! Loved that Laura was there loads again, makes the time pass much faster when she is chatting away to me :)

Still seemed to cover a decent distance ( I don't know what it was as have nothing to measure it)

Felt good at the end = good run

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I find this website great for mapping your run:

It gives you the distance. You can put in your time and it gives you speed, pace, calories etc. And it's free! great for planning runs too.


That is a good website, thanks :)


I feel the same as well especially with the first ten minutes, feel like I'm hardly moving! I drove my route last night and found out that I'd covered 2.7 miles, so not quite at 5k but getting there :)

And you are not alone, I have to have the 1 count on my right foot and then can only count 1 and 3! If I try counting the full 1,2,3,4 then I get in a right old pickle with my feet!!


Just done the stamina one, it's faster, think it's more my pace :) still jumping in the air to change feet tho :) but not as often


I tried stepping stones first, using just the name to guide me and thinking that stepping stones sounded quite a gentle way to start, (shades of childhood streams, wooded glades, etc) Hah! I kept up until the last 5 minutes which upped the pace to 160bpm and then had to give up yet I can manage speed with its faster pace but that's only for 60 second intervals. I also feel I'm dancing on the spot to keep with the beat so I don't think I go very far. Gotta keep practising, but I like speed so I might carry on with that for a few more runs.


I discovered from doing the speed podcast that my stride was much to long for these podcasts, I was totally flying in the warm up 5 minutes of speed and had no idea how I was going to go any faster for the fast bits. Shortening my stride made all the difference. It's quite a headshift from running at your own pace but i'm really enjoying it :)


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