Just found our I can jog for more than 30 minutes

I completed week 8 run1 but accidentally ran longer. I listen to the podcast on my phone and while running I answered a call but kept on jogging. Shortly after the call finished I was surprised to hear Laura say "well done you have completed 5 minutes" I thought I had done more than that but kept on. It was only when I had finished that I realised I had been going for 48 minutes instead of 38. I checked the call log - it had lasted 10 minutes. The podcast had obviously stopped when I was on the phone. I'm doing w8r2 today & this time won't be answering my phone.

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  • You can go 48 minutes, while talking on the phone, too. Obviously, you have the right pace then!

  • I did go very slowly. Will try to work on my speed once I've completed week 9

  • Well done enjoy your next run

  • Thanks I did - only did the 28 minutes plus the 2 5 minute walks so not quite so tired

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