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Week 5 completed! I can run for 20 minutes!!!!

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Yes! Just completed week 5 run 3! 20 minutes! Have never run that far before!

On the way to our starting point, a path on a disused railway line, my sister kept saying how she wouldn't be able to do it. She asked if I'd be cross with her!! We agreed that we'd just keep walking if we needed to and we'd repeat it on Sunday when we were not tired from work etc.

But we did it!! We just kept running! It wasn't easy, we were both overdressed, it was a lot warmer than we thought. But we did it!!!! Feel so happy!! A bit achy but happy.

Two rest days now before week 6 begins early on Sunday morning......!

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Fantastic! Well done and good luck for w6.

Well done great feeling isn't it 😊

Yay! Well done! Such a fantastic feeling. Good luck for Sunday X

That was the biggest hurdle for me, going from never running more than 10 minutes to 20 seemed impossible. Glad you did it, you’ll cruise through what’s left now!

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Yay!! That’s such good news - well done! Bet you’re feeling fantastic!

I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to do the very same run. So excited!!

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Ang33333Graduate in reply to Cazza26

Hope it goes Well!

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Thanks! I’ll let you know. This run seems to be a real milestone.

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It felt like a serious run! Honestly have never run for 20 mins in my life!

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Well done! I’ve learned that if it’s above 4 degrees, I only need a t-shirt. Above 12 degrees, it’s cropped leggings. Above about 16, I need a vest on! I think I’m sweaty 😂

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Love this post!!! Very proud of us all😎😘💪

Awww brilliant. That 20 minute run sure is a boost to our confidence and proof of just how far we've come along in 5 weeks.

Well done and keep up the good work.

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Brilliant! I did the 20 mins today too...

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