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I can run for 3 minutes!!!

Just completed W3R1 and was surprised and delighted to find out that I can run non-stop for 3 whole minutes. I must admit that I only just finished the second one. I also made the mistake of putting on a light waterproof jacket but at the halfway mark regretted it as I was very warm and I think I would have preferred being wet and cool. Still if I can get through next week I might visit one of those shops I never thought I would enter - a running shop to get some better footwear.

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Go you!! Amazing how we get such a sense of achievement. Loving this programme, and I have become a habitual lurker in Sports Direct lol. Well done, and keep it up.


Hi Pea i often wear a light jacket or gloves or a hat until i warm up then end up carrying the blasted things. Still you need to be warm. Also i am beginning to feel at home in running shops. Its worth getting your gait analysed and getting the right type of trainer for how you run. Sports direct do it. It is free and you know you get the right shoes. Good luck. Ed


Brilliant, Pea!! it isn't "if" you get through next week, but when you get through it!! :-) I am quite confident that you will be visiting that running shop soon!! :-)

I found myself smiling through your blog. The running realizations are beginning to come to you!! Realizing that jackets can overheat, realizing that you may need some better equipment and most importantly, realizing that YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Careful now, these are apparently the first signs of the coming addiction!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Isn't it great to realise how far you've come in just 3 weeks? Well done you.


I'm at the start of my journey (W1R2 tonight) and I would LOVE to be able to run for 3 minutes - Congratulations!

It is really hard to know what to wear so that you don't overheat, I'm just glad its dark so that no-one can see my red puffing face! I wonder if something in a breathable fabric would help? I think you should check them out when you're choosing your new footwear!


Woohoo - its such a great feeling when you crack another time marker! I couldn't believe it when I got thru 3 minutes of running so I can share your amazement and joy. How great is it when your body starts to feel like it can do stuff...I know I'm loving it! Congrats and keep enjoying it!


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