“If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world.”

(Friday) I may have fallen face first into that cake yesterday but how fab that post grad party was. Coffee and walnut cake, two types of jd's, Soreen, Vimto, dandelion and burdock, chocolate wafer biscuits the list goes on.

If you need a cake get on to Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning - she makes ace cakes. Battle Dog and Scout Bunny guard the chickens to stop the foxes getting the eggs.

How we get the mess tent cleared up for the next party I don't know. Or was I the last one?

Must travel far over the northern wastelands today so the steed will be in the livery stables if anyone needs to borrow it. Go out for a ride with Lieutenant poppypug (ents div) or something like that.

What's with this new site?

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  • What new site? It looks the same to me. You been drinking or summink?

  • Too much dandelion and burdock, methinks!

  • New site....... blog.healthunlocked.com/pos...

    Last time they 'upgraded and improved' the site it was incredibly clunky and hard to use. We lost several people due to usability issues. We've lost one this time round already and the site's not been rolled out yet. One of the things they're making as an 'improvement' is that posts and questions are going to come up on one page. Now the oldies (not age, but site duration) will remember that we had this on the previous, un-upgraded site.

    Edit: spelling

  • Wish I'd not pressed the button. Even the post a message page is dodgy. Curiousity kills the cat etc. Hope the pugs don't try it.

  • How dare you! Mead is the only drink this superhero drinks sufficient a quantity to hallucinate a whole web page. Or did Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning put a secret ingredient in the coffee cake?

  • I pressed the button that said Press Me For Your All New Health Unlocked site and turned into a circle. So, no going back, I can no longer be a square but at least I'm not a triangle - that would be embarrassing.

  • Too right!

  • Oh, speaking of ink blobs!!!! Can't remember what the psychology of ink spots is called but this was called to my mind yesterday when making a bacon sarni for lunch (yes it was grilled!) I squirted the HP on one slice of bread and put the other one on top and squidged it about a bit (as yer do) Anway when I separated the slices there was a marvellous sauce blob in the shape of a country. I took this as a sign!!!!! I reckon if that country is in the world cup I could clean up! Trouble is I can't match the shape to a country. Darn it! I got me world cup supplement yesterday but guess what? No flags!!! If I can find the flag and match it up to my ink blot I could go up the bookies and put a few quid on. I could clean up. There's always a fly in the ointment though isn't there. My ignorance of the flags of the world for starters! Tsk

  • Rorschach. Could try Nan's friend from Benidorm - she's foreign - she might be able to help.

  • Sir, I have carried out another reconnaissance mission this morning, and checked that the barricades are in place still to keep back the crowds. I have had a word with traffic control, and all vehicles are being diverted from the victory (2) route tomorrow. The pilots of the Spitfires are honoured to do another fly past, and as an extra treat, I have arranged a Vulcan bomber to drop Jammie Dodgers, Wagon Wheels along the finish line. The bunting is still in place from yesterday and we are all waiting to see you claim that medal of honour. I cannot match Spoonie's skill on the ocarina, but I do a mighty good rendition on the spoons. I hope you don't mind, Sir, but I added some cream soda and Viscount mint biscuits to the mess-tent celebratory buffet (next to the cheese and pineapple)

    Travel safe in the northern wastelands :)

  • Returned from land of mead and ale. Run will be tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the prep work!

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