To quote the Bee Gees - Tragedy! Aargh!

To quote the Bee Gees - Tragedy! Aargh!

Bluey says five minutes done.

Bluey says ten minutes done.

Bluey says half way there.

Bluey says only ten minutes to go.

Bluey says only five minutes to go.

Bluey says - as I approach traffic - "Well done" - lorries and cars rattle past and I start to walk back to HQ.

BLUEY SAYS ONE MINUTE LATER - WELL DONE THATS THIRTY MINUTES. AARGH. The traffic made me stop a minute early! Anguish - much rending of garments.

Made it back to the post-run party and fell face first into the the coffee cake. (Looks as though someone started it too soon.)

Faithful Lieutenant poppypug (ents div) is there with the pinto, the fortifying Vimto and my trusty steed.

The anguish! I shall find no solace in Vimto this eve.

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76 Replies

  • Congratulations dozzer19

  • Do we congratulate people with opening lines containing the word 'tragedy'?

  • Lamentations continue after eating cake (with fingers cos Joey Essex ate the cake forks) and a glass of cold milk. Such torture surely cannot be withstood.

  • Does this mean you don't think you've graduated Sir? Are you punishing yourself for Bluey's lack of volume? Surely not !

  • Sixty seconds short! I cannot believe it! No graduation for me. Party on without me. I shall make another attempt on Saturday afternoon. We did make excellent inroads into enemy ground though. Faramir took out the whole Neurology unit single-handed. Then Boromir and Eowyn took out Maxillofacial on the right flank. Eomer, Haldir and the Riders made a successful initial foray into Dermatology and Optometry. We're getting there my men, we will vanquish them, all they think they can throw at us we shall cast aside.

  • This is just a ruse to get me to make you another graduation video isn't it? Well it isn't going to work! Chariots of Fire was hard enough, I can't manage Finlandia or the 1812 Overture on the ocarina, it's only got 10 notes!!

  • That video truly was amazing. I am honoured to be remembered on YouTube for posterity. Take a promotion - or did I already say that?

  • *blushes* Glad you like it! No more than a legend such as yourself deserves :)

  • I will put it on a thumbnail so I can watch it whenever I want!

  • I think Psychology might have infiltrated! But it's not too late to defeat them .., (see all your other troops' posts here. )

  • Have now entered party tent - still have cake all over face.

  • That'll do it !!

  • Of course he's graduated. I had to bounce around on the spot for at least a minute waiting for the traffic lights on my graduation run. It happens!! Doz, you're a GRADUATE, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • Oh NCO KittyKat007 you are so good and kind an officer. Take a promotion for your words of comfort - Second Lieutenant KittyKat007.

  • It's gone. Didn't you notice it all around my face when I entered the tent! I'm sure Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning will run us up another if we ask nicely.

  • You have completed the 3 runs of W9. I'm sure you put in an extra minute here or there over the last 9weeks of the campaign. I think the tiny one minute short today had been balanced out. I would think all the troops will agree. You HAVE TRIUMPHED! Stop lamenting immediately and consume party goodies with gusto ...and Vimto( if you must!) Also am proffering comradely hugs for your perceived tragedy. (((Hug)))) Sire. X

  • Am approaching party tent looking shame-faced; you are all too good to me.

  • Hooray. That's the spirit! X

  • Gone in 60 seconds!!!

    Nah, only kiddin Dozzer

    You are a graduate! The fight is over. The defeat, although marred by those damned horseless carriages, is a defeat of the enemy nontheless. Let the celebrations go on. I am hot foot with a tin full of energy bars and homemade macaroons. Save me some coffee cake!

    Strike up the ocarina!

  • Possibly after the ocarina video yesterday it may be out of commission for a while. We could ask Second Lieutenant AncientMum.

  • Be still my beating heart!! Have I just got a promotion?? I was NCO AncientMum yesterday. I'm touched and honoured. Pleeeeese tell me it wasn't a slip of the tongue ( or should that be mouse?)

  • Oh yes, the promotion into the ents div is yours if you wish it!

  • :) :) :)

  • Sir, my very dear Sir, you did graduate and should celebrate. It is not as if you saw the enemy sharpening their bayonets and thought "trousers to this, I go forthwith back to Ops HQ half way through battle! You must get your shiny shiny badge and go for a celebratory battle run on Saturday.

    Well done, my dearest fine Sir. :-)

  • Listen to Second Lieutenant Speedy Gonzalez, I mean Miles_Yonder. He's talking much sense. You're a bloomin' graduate, Sir. Now get yourself some champagne and some Soreen and start partying!

  • Whoop, whoop!

  • I have to say, I do like the idea of a shiny badge!

  • Then go collect it immediately. To the victor, the spoils!! :)

  • (Tiny little voice) In spite of the grad party it'd still be a bit like cheating though.

  • On Saturday, I'll do it on Saturday, I promise!

  • Do what?

  • Great! Coffee cake fight? Or is that vulgar and obscene?

    One minute, shminute! You're the Capitain of Captains, the big cheese, the gaffer. You must knight yourself immediately.

  • Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning brought in six more cakes so yes, more than enough for all!

  • Hey, congratulations!

  • Thank you!

  • Definitely a graduate - and many more runs to come! Congratulations!

  • Thank you. If the team says yes, then I'll go with it!

  • Go get your graduation badge and wear it with pride.

    Congratulations and I hope you are enjoying that graduation cake

  • Cor that cake is fabulous! Top notch!

  • Ha ha. Perhaps he got caught by Gobby Brenda going on about the cost of ointment for the cat's boils. That'd delay anyone! :)

  • Ha, I can outrun Gobby Brenda every time now, even if she's riding shotgun with the biddy from Benidorm!

  • Yes, but can you run over to admin to get your shiny new badge? The troops need to see it!

  • Grandad's telling me about the Airfix model he wants for his birthday. I think it's a not too subtle hint. Should I get the paints as well?

  • Good idea there. Could use them to sort out the sun-bleached parts of the tent too.

  • Ha ha excellent!! What could possibly be more fitting for our glorious CinC? :)

  • This is fabulous! Did nan also fashion that crocheted knight's helmet?

  • I'll have to check the colour before I wear it out of the tent.

  • Let me guess - red?

  • They'll def see me coming.

  • I do know someone whose mum knitted him a video recorder cos she wasn't going to buy a real one until he got a job.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :) Just laughted so much I nearly disgraced myself :) :) :)

  • He got a job, very quickly. Didn't have as much tv time but could set the timer to record when necessary. Video recorder now very obsolete.

  • It had a similarity to one of those hankie box covers and it went over a cardboard box on the shelf under the tv.

  • He didn't think so.

  • Congratulations dozzer, I reckon this definitely counts as graduation. Arise Sir Doz! When do you get the badge?

  • I've yet to find out how to apply! So busy replying to mail from all well wishers, and jokers. Where are you Lieutenant poppypug (ents div), I've promoted Second Lientenant AncientMum (ents div) to be your assistant.

  • Just look at the pinned posts on the right hand side of the screen to find a link to graduation badges. Shame you can't detail one of the troops to fetch it for you, but I'm afraid you have to collect it in person. Need to pose for photos in your cap and gown :)

  • Will smarten up the uniform and do my best to look gallant and courageous.

  • Don't forget to wipe the cake off your face!! Shoulders back, chest out! Lovely boy!! (Oh dear showing my age again!!) ;)

  • Will do. Have sent details of your promotion to your new boss, the one and only Lieutenant poppypug (ents div). She will be thrilled! You may have to do some of the more onerous tasks for her - trolley pulling etc.

    (What have they done to this site?)

  • I'm sure she'll not let you down.

  • Captain Waletta reckons she's going to cut it up to make bun tins. I think they might burn in the oven.

  • :) * too emotional to speak*

  • Good to have such a high calibre member of staff on the team.

  • You are all quite, quite mad. I love it :)

  • We excel in what we do. All are welcome - you don't have to have an instrument or relative who spends a lot of time in Poundland.

  • Of course you have Graduated! Victory is yours Sir! The enemy are defeated and completely disillusioned... probably due to the flypast of Spitfires and Hurricanes that I organised. Well done Sir, and congratulations.

    D Day it is! Hurrah!

  • The planes were a true piece de resistance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The trailing ribbons were supreme!

  • Harrumble! You did it. Con-coffeecake-gratulations Sir. He Da Man!

  • I've now eaten so much cake I'll not fit in my trousers next time I run.

  • (Not sure about this new format)

    Pops, I thought you must have disinherited me due to ineptitude! Sorry about your bad day. Some of us are still at the party if you want to come along. The video is superb isn't it. And now you have a very talented young assistant. You'll have to delegate some trolley pulling, Lucky Dip buying, laundrette duties to her so you have a bit more time for leisurely rides in the locale.

  • Love my trolley. Nan can have her rubbish-y old one back now!

  • I don't believe this. You graduated a day early & I missed it. I had my tuning folk ready for tomorrow around 10am. Congratulations. Can I make flags out of the weather balloon when I stop sulking & come out from under the corner table in the mess tent? Oh and by the way, you missed a bit. Still some cake under your chin. I can see it from this angle.

  • Captain Waletta, Isengard was cancelled so I did(n't) do the run today. We still had a party but there will be another on Saturday when I do the full 30 mins. Come out from under the table. I sulked outside the tent this morning - it's not productive. It's not your weather balloon to wreck so don't cut it up!

  • I would call you a spoilsport re the balloon but since you're doing another grad run on Saturday, you're forgiven. Tuning folk at the ready. (What about the tartan trolley - that would make good flags?). Still got cake under your chin.

  • Good idea. Lieutenant poppypug (ents div) has made me a victory trolley so we don't need Nan's anymore. It'd be a fitting end for it. I'm saving that cake for later.

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