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Much slower and it would be called standing


Not a lot to say about today’s run, the sky is grey, the park is full of dog walkers and kids on bikes, we ran and that’s about it

There will always be people faster and fitter but i’d really like to improve, we seem to plod round the park being chased by dogs or jumped at by dogs or nearly run over by kids, we run different places but the park is our go to place when it’s cold and damp

I’m feeling a bit down about it all, giving up smoking has gained me a stone and however many times Willow says it would have been more without running it’s still another stone for my poor little legs to drag round, and that’s on top of the stone i was hoping to lose when we took up running last year hmm....

Happy running all

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Dogs, dogs, W&S, they are OK but the owners should stop them from jumping on runners, same with children on bikes as well, apart from those distractions a good run for you today.

Congratulations on giving up smoking but a pity about your weight gain, perhaps a controlled diet with your running could reduce your weight to what you were hoping to lose.

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to AlMorr

A controlled diet would send me to the funny farm, I know exactly what to do and have studied diet and nutrition, nutrition for running and just about every other healthy eating plan, and it’s not even as if i eat much, I really don’t, I’m just a bit fed up at the moment, but it will pass, I have nothing to be fed up about and do count my blessings, it’s being a horrible year in so many ways and we know how lucky we are

AlMorrGraduate in reply to WillowandSola



The weather can get you down so don’t be to harsh on got out, you plodded and hopefully you will begin to feel more like yourself too. Diets never work for me but I found Noom really good for weight’s more about the psychology than necessarily restricting yourself

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Sparkey5000

I am not overweight but heading towards the top end of normal, Ive mostly been on the thin side, my problem is i have work clothes, pyjamas and a whole load of things that don’t fit and i don’t want to give up on, but i seem to have stopped wanting to eat sweet stuff all the time and that was hard when i first stopped smoking, white chocolate has a lot to answer for, it’s the sweetest thing i could find but i’ve stopped so at least not still gaining


At least you don’t stink of fags and your poor lungs can recover! Smoking is gross. You’re better off weighing more! And as for slow running, that’s the best way to run! Kids will be back at school next week too.

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Thanks Tasha99 i never thought about half term, not sure where all the extra dogs came from but come to think of it a lot of the dogs had a child alongside

My breathing used to wheeze and whistle when i ran and doesn’t now so i should be really thankful of that and be happy my aching legs keep going

Tasha99Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

The lungs repair themselves which is amazing. Think how much yours have improved over a year! And you don’t smell!

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Tasha99

That’s true, when someone at work goes out to smoke and comes back in there is a haze of smoky smell around them


You are running, doesn’t matter how slow it is. You are so much fitter than you were when you were smoking. Don’t be despondent about the weight, I stupidly hoped for weight loss with running. I haven’t lost a pound. I have done sober October and I haven’t lost a pound. I blame my age and being post menopausal. I think you are doing fantastic 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to MoliJ

so guess at nearly 65 I can’t expect to fit into 30 year old jeans but hey i can hope

Thanks for your encouragement


You are the same age as me. It’s definitely our age 😩

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to MoliJ

Fab 😀then we shall pat ourselves on the back and know we are reducing our risk of falling breaking a hip and a life time of zimmer frame use lol 😂

MoliJGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

Absolutely 😂😂😂😂😂 I am going into old age fighting 💪

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to MoliJ

Me too 😂 and blow my 🎷 longer and harder

MoliJGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

You go girl 💪💪💪💪💪


This is just a blip.

The weather is awful at the moment. You've stopped smoking and you've gained weight.

These things will pass.

Are you finding this too routine? Is there a way of changing things even slightly so it becomes novel again?

As to the weight gain, are you subconsciously substituting some high calorie stuff for lighting up?

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to nowster

Starting at the end first, I’ve always eaten high calorie stuff i just eat more of everything,

Yes i might be a bit bored, we did sprints last week and i pulled both calf muscles, today was the first time I could walk on top toe again without pain, I’ve been going even slower while they healed, i’d like to run elsewhere but Willow is reluctant due to the ground being waterlogged, but we have plans to run faster for short bursts

nowsterGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

You titled your post "Much shower and it would be called standing". How about some reverse Fartleks? (Thanks Instructor57 for the idea.)

Go at your normal running speed for most of the run, and randomly choose an object in the near distance, and try to run as slowly as possible towards it, then go back to your normal pace. Repeat as you feel like it.

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to nowster

Oh what a good idea, I’d have never thought of that, i’ve done it the other way round and put in short sprints


Oh..... I guess we're going to lose our mojo some days....we seem to be coming from the same place. I'm an ex smoker...literally stopped the day I started snailing. Started smoking at 14 ...and I'm 65 now!!!! So I guess the lungs have got a lot to contend with!! But.....we've stopped smoking 😁😁😁 and are running....that's a brill achievement for both of us. Willow's may well have put on a lot more weight if you hadn't started running. You've already achieved 2 huge smoking and running. That's a biggy😁.

The weight will drop the more running you do. We've got to learn to be proud of ourselves...and stop beating ourselves up...for sure. Tomorrow's another day. You're doing grand.👍👏👏👏🏃‍♀️🙋

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Buddhagal

Thank you that is so lovely, i’m off work for 4 days and the first day i usually feel a bit tired and low, by tomorrow i will be back to my normal positive self

BuddhagalGraduate in reply to WillowandSola



Just a massive congrats on the stopping an ex smoker of 10 years who would secretly still really rather be a smoker (if it wasn’t all so bloody bad for you)! You should be very proud👍👍 The tide will turn..

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Pooped77

Thank you, it’s hard work some days isn’t it?


Sorry to hear about the dogs - I know it’s not always possible but the owners really should keep better control I think. You know that not all runs are good and today’s wasn’t one but you did it, so well done you two! I know how easy it is to put weight on and how difficult it is to get rid of but I’m sure you still feel fitter than when you were smoking- you know you’re doing the right thing!

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Oldgirlruns

Thank you, i know i can take very deep almost silent breaths and breathing while running is quieter


Now willowandsola, you are working on the frontline in what has been a terrible year, the weather is miserable and your park has been taken over by half termers so I think you are entitled to feel down occasionally. You are usually so bright that you probably are feeling it more. But You are running and you are not smoking so give yourself a pat on the back.

Regarding your weight , I too am trying to get rid of a kg or 2 but find it hard at the moment to not have little treats to make up for those things we missIng. Are there also temptations at work? My friend was a nurse and there were always Chocs and biscuits around !

I think you will find, like I did that when you've extended your distance to 10k, that will help.

Keep running, keep safe

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Dexy5

Thanks Dexy5 now that inspires me to run that elusive 10k

Work is normality it’s the rest of the world that’s mad, but it’s a worrying time at the moment and getting tested weekly is not nice

I don’t think my problem is the treats so much as the meals being larger food just tastes better I always had treats

Treats at work, being a manager Im usually the one supplying them between us we make sure staff feel appreciated,


I know how you feel. I've just written a post about feeling down too. I had my on line yoga class last night and my yoga teacher says she's started wearing tighter tee shirts to make herself do something about the weight she's put on - we're all struggling in one way or another but we do have lots to be thankful for. You're still getting out there - that's the main thing. Don't be so hard on yourself - you've given up smoking which is a great achievement. You'll lose the weight eventually - slowly slowly.... Onwards and upwards! 😉

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to 59er

Tighter tee shirts, that’s ace.... my boss said last year...don’t come to work in jeans it’s not professional, anyway in couldnt if i wanted to now I have jeans in all styles and ages and can’t get one of them done up, i fact some i can’t even get over my hips, my mum would laugh and laugh

The thing is though, lock down hasn’t made much difference to me Ive gone to work day after day I just change when i get there, before i leave, wear a mask all day and wash my hands raw 😀

We found bits of indian food in the freezer and feeling full and comfortable and a lot happier too

59erGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

Well then, it's definitely the fact that you've stopped smoking - which is only natural. Your body will even itself out sooner or later 🙂 Indian! Last week we phoned two takeaways and they weren't taking any more orders they were so busy so I'm ordering ours tonight for tomorrow night - can't wait 🤗

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to 59er

That’s a good idea, ordering for tomorrow,

I have stopped putting weight on but it would be nice to lose some


Standing still? I feel like I'm going backwards some days. Have you considered an early morning run? I've been setting off at 6am when there are very few dog walkers and no kids on bikes. The weather has been brilliant too - often it has rained after I've got home (all my 27 runs were in the dry and this in Yorkshire in the Autumn!). Good luck :-)

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Wakeygas

Thanks, I get up for work at 5.45 i’m not sure i could get up any earlier for a run first however good idea that sounds, today’s a day off we didn’t wake til 9 then i lay in bed for a while wondering if Willow was going to get up and make the tea


Just a thought - this is the first week of it being dark very early. I know I’m struggling and I spoke to my elderly Mum earlier and she said that she is inexplicably tired and generally lacking in vim (she has no vigour!)

Mentioned it to my adult kids and they said that they feel the same.

This really does lead me to think there is a transition period after the clicks go back while we are all adjusting to shorter and shorter days.

You may think this is nonsense and you may be right but it’s odd that me, my Mum and my three adult kids all feel lacklustre age the same time. Maybe that’s my you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ - the start of autumn/winter?

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to JetsNanna

Ah aren’t you clever! the other evening at work one of the people who live there was tired and asking to go to bed at 8pm, i gave her her tablets a bit early because I realised she doesn’t understand about the clocks and it would feel late to her

JetsNannaGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

It drags peoples spirits down for a short time - I’m sure of it. Makes EVERYTHING seem like a chore. You’ll bounce back in a week or so.

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to JetsNanna

Thank you sure i will

GailXrunningGraduate in reply to JetsNanna

I think I heard a scientist on the radio confirming this. The clock change disrupts our circadian rhythm; even just the one hour shift.

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to GailXrunning



The weather today has been atrocious. Well done for getting out there.

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Maddee_6333

Thanks Maddee, we are feeling as if we aren’t improving but we are still getting out there,


Oh I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down after your run 🙁. All of the grey around in the sky at the moment certainly doesn't help and people all over the place can be really off-putting or distracting, dogs especially if they're off the lead. You should give yourself a massive pat on the back for quitting smoking though, that is definitely no mean feat.

Ps. I thought it might give you a laugh to let you know that I was overtaken by a group of chickens the other week. They escaped from the field next door to the sportsfield and I was mad when they sped up, thinking I was chasing them, as if it was nothing 🐔. Chicken-envy! Running has sent me crackers 😂

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Pnegirl

Lol 😂 I was raised on a chicken farm, they wouldn’t have overtaken me I would have run like the wind he he

Dogs are fine apart from those tiny ones that jump all over you

nowsterGraduate in reply to Pnegirl

That reminds me of the three legged chicken joke...

PnegirlGraduate in reply to nowster

🤣 That's funny! I'll at least have a chuckle next time I see them


You should be less hard on yourself.

You have stopped smoking 👏 Your lungs are thanking you.

Plodding round the park is better than sitting on the sofa.

Kids on bikes are a pain but they should be back in school next week.

Dogs can also be a pain - their owners should control them. I was almost taken out by a charging black Labrador once on the sports field - it's owner was nowhere to be seen.

The weather is pants - we are all fed up with it.

The days are getting shorter. Summer is over.

The news is depressing - and we are headed for lockdown again.


we can all still get out there and run. Long runs short runs.

Fast runs slow runs.

Jog walk jog

They are all runs and we are all more sane, healthier and happier for them.

Long live running!

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Birdlady64

That is a very good way of looking at it,


Youre both doing so wonderfully WillowandSola!! 🤗 I love to read your posts and see those amazing photos!!

Your fitness will definitely outweigh those extra pounds and I’m sure when you’re body realises ‘this is it, there’s no couch or anything to stick around for, those pounds will run off too!! I think you’re amazing!! Keep going!! We’re always getting better!! 🤩❤️

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks Fabulous, beginning to feel podgy and my legs notice the difference, I know exactly how to lose the weight but my mouth lets me down lol, we are going back into lock down so maybe if the roads are quiet again i will go back to walking to work if only the rain stops

I love reading your posts too always so positive

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

As an ex smoker (and it’s been a long while), but I’ve been there. I know how difficult it is because it seems to come on so suddenly. does come off, honestly 😉!! Don’t you worry, just keep doing what you’re doing!! 😉😉❤️


One thing at a time. My last cigarette was almost 22 years ago, a respiratory consultant that I worked with assured me that I would gain weight, and he was right 😬, almost a stone. It's not always the extra eating, you're dealing with around a 200 calorie a day nicotine deficit.

I had to ignore it, get into the no smoking zone and then slowly deal with the weight.

I probably never got back to my "smoking weight ", but that's okay, my lungs thanked me for it!.

I think going further will probably benefit you more than concentrating on speed. A slow long run will burn off as many, if not more, calories than a short fast run. But you're doing great, don't give yourself a hard time 😘

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Jell6

Thanks I needed that 😀 my mum always said my trouble is that i buy clothes when i’m at my thinnest which means most of my clothes rarely fit, i’ve bought some larger running leggings, my size 8’s were almost see through they were stretched so far, and i have lovely hoodie dress that i bought on the internet, i’ve got it in red so nice and cheerful, black and grey ones on the way

The thing about stopping smoking is sweet things tasted delicious, that’s worn off but i’ve got into the habit of eating more, just a habit to break

My first 8k was 1 hr 26 mins, i think the last one was several minutes less, i’ll never be fast but do love a nice steady run

Happy Sunday


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