Now is the hour! Riders of Rohan! Oaths you have taken, now fulfill them all, to lord and land!

(Thursday) Isengard was cancelled! 9/3 is today! These are the lines as we charge enemy territory for the last time.

Leading - Eomer, Faramir and Eowyn

Second row - Haldir and Boromir (both miraculously back from the dead)

Third row - All the Riders of Rohan

Fourth row - anyone from any quote source who'd like to turn up, even the hobbits.

You can join any row you like or loiter with me at the back. I will, of course, be doing the run but if I try at the front I will be trampled underfoot within seconds.

If you don't fancy the onslaught then play instruments or get the mess tent ready. Lieutenant poppypug (ents div) I expect to see you on the pinto. Please bring my steed along so I can ride off to get ready for the party. (That's another way of saying I'll be incapable of walking back to the officers quarters.)

Oh, and sorry if I've not named your favourite characters or used the quote you were hoping for, I get to choose because I'm the leader. I just need a good name now (rubs hands together like a megalomaniac). Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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43 Replies

  • Loiter at the back!!!! You are our illustrious leader (clue in the name there Doz) so be at the front. That's an order!

    If you don't mind. Ta ever so

  • Well don't be surprised if you have to scrape my entrails from the hooves of Faramir's horse!

  • Ok NCO misswobble, have instructed self to start at front and then troops to ride either side of me rather than over me.

  • My dear, dear good sir. I bid you the very, very best of fine luck to you in your 9/3 battle. You must be strong. You must believe; you cannot fair. Onward you must go and in victory you shall return.

    Your reward for such derring-do will be more slices of Battenberg than can fit in the fine county of Leicestershire.

    Good luck, my dear fellow. Onward, always.

    *plays a rousing bugle charge*

  • Second Lieutenant Miles_Yonder thank you for your support. I shall listen for the bugle as the charge begins.

  • Around 9:30ish. Must repair to my tent and get some sleep.

  • To infinity and beyond, dozzer! Godspeed!

    *wheels on tenor*

    "Dilegua, o notte! Tramontate, stelle! Tramontate, stelle! all'alba vincerò... vincerò... vin CEEEEERRROOOOOO!"

  • Infinity and beyond, possibly no further than the local A&E. Must now sleep.

  • Ooh yes, you must get a good night's sleep! Perhaps "Nessun dorma" was the wrong choice of soundtrack ;-)

  • Not the right time of day but I Giorno is wonderfully soporific.

  • Ephemeral beauty, blond (misquoted as always): "For the time will soon come when Dozzer will shape the fortunes of all."

    Wishing you all good fortune in this your darkest hour, Sir. Standing by with rapturous vuvuzela voluntary as you defeat the hordes of 9/3.

  • MarkyD, so many see my victory as a change for all amongst us. An improvement in the world around us. A day when we will not be beaten.

  • Go for it Sir. Got the bejewelled ocarina back from the garage just in time. Good Luck!!

  • Epic Mum - that is amaaaaazzzzzing ! :-) Ha ha brilliant stuff and wonderful ocarina playing too ! -) xxx

  • Glad you enjoyed. Just desperate for a transfer to Ents.Div. I guess :)

  • As you can see, I had far too much time on my hands on the Injury Couch :)

  • HAHAHAHA! That is completely brilliant!! epic!! :-D :-D

  • Why thank you m'dear.

  • I have just choked on my Curly Wurly! My God, what talents you have GM, that is AMAZING and obviously a very fitting tribute to the legend that is Dozzer!

  • Curly Wurly?? That's introduced a whole new level of confectionary into the party :) Worth slaving away over a hot ocarina for! :)

  • I can't pretend I ever understand a word of what is going on with your posts, but best of luck for the graduation run!

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  • Me too, but its fun trying to work it out!! :)

    GO Dozzer!!! :)

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  • News posted

  • You can do it! Slaughter, slaughter, slaughter!

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  • Oh oh oh *rushes off to check posts*

  • Keep up, keep up!

  • Calm down, calm down!


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  • Whooppeeeee! You got here, now over the top for the final push..........

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  • By now I guess the battle has been won, so I salute you Sir of No Name As yet!

  • OOps was I too early?

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  • "And gentlemen of England now a-bed

    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here

    And hold their man hoods cheap whiles any speaks

    That fought with us upon St Dozzer's Day."

    Good luck sire. Hasten ye once more unto that breach. :)

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  • You can do it. I shall have the mess tent all cleaned up and decorated ready for your graduation party, graduation cake is ready - coffee and walnut.

    Though you will need to get here before the hobbits or there might be none left, beer comes in pints you know.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    That video is the best ever! I hope DOZ has seen it. He will run like the wind, spurred on by the magical flutey notes, a bit kazoo but more subtle. I am a music critic on my days off. Can you tell?

    I expect the man himself is limbering up behind the starting tape, getting his stretches in ready for the off. The man in his corner is ready with the cold flannel and such like, not forgetting ye olde jelly beans. C,mon Doz, your people await, and every man must do his duty, sorta thing. You don't suppose he's over laid .......

  • News posted.

  • Glad you liked it! Think I've had too much time on my hands recently :)

  • Sir, I have been out on a reconnaissance mission and have checked the route for enemy orcs and their diversions. Have erected barricades to protect you from the crowds of eager fans who will be flocking to cheer you to victory (think Pall Mall at the Royal Wedding), The blue and white bunting has been erected in preparation and I have had a word with a few pilots to arrange flypast with victory roll! Jammie Dodgers do, indeed, line the route and we will all be in the mess tent for post run celebrations.

    This is D Day .... Dozzer Day will be remembered for all time.


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