What does the shape say?

What does the shape say?

(Saturday) Not the usual style of opener but I've changed into a circle! Does this mean I'm halfway to being a triangle? Oh the shame! Not seeing people sniggering at me behind my back, but feeling they were! Or maybe not even being aware of it! Have others experienced the same symptoms? Is this what happens when superheroes eat too much of Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning's excellent coffee and walnut cake?


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31 Replies

  • Perhaps you're becoming a pie....or suffering from PI?

  • Pork and apple please, if you're offering.

  • 3.14 slices?

  • Yay! Look at your shiny badge!! :D

  • Yes! And it says 'Graduate' next to my name! I'm truly high class now.

  • Hey Dozz, it says that youre as mad as a box of frogs, you legend :-) xxx

  • Surely a box in its nature has to be a cube or a cuboid?

  • Have to admit to feeling like an oblate spheroid after a weekend on the injury couch troughing 1960s sweeties!

  • Now I've finished the cake, me too.

  • Yay Dozz look at you in your shiny new graduate badge. I am so proud of you. :) :) :)

  • Second Lientenant AncientMum (ents div) I am indebted to you for all your help - thank you.

  • I'm a square and not ashamed to admit it!

  • Hey, its hip to be square :-) xxx

  • My saying goes... be there AND be square. It just came naturally to me :D

  • Hey! Where did my graduation badge go?! *cry*

  • Phew, it was a glitch. Please ignore me. I thought I had been stripped of honour!

  • I had one of those too!

  • You have your promotion Second Lientenant AncientMum (ents div). The 30 mins was done today. Lieutenant poppypug (ents div) rode the pinto and you pulled the trolley - heroic work!

  • I wondered what that squeaky noise was when I went round corners! :)

    To be serious for one second (and it doesn't happen very often), to restrain yourself from collecting your badge until you'd re-done r3 because of one accidental minute, when everyone on here (myself included) was urging you to get it, well that takes real guts and strength of character. You are indeedy someone to be looked up to and respected. Well done Sir, I am proud to salute you! :) Tis an honour to pull the trolley!

  • Thanks for all your help with that trolley today. It is getting a bit rickety. Maybe we should upgrade to a GTi.

  • Will ensure only the new graduation trolley is used from now on. Nana can have the tartan trolley back. Will shove a couple of packets of Jammie dodgers, a scratch card and some corn plasters in and she'll soon get over her tizz about it being pinched

  • Have sent for my grad badge but I'm not good at computer stuff so I can't create a you Tube video of your promotion. Sorry Second Lieutenant I_will.

  • I've already seen it.... in my mind. It was beautiful

  • But I've lost my square. As commander I want it back.

  • Where is your graduation badge Monsieur?

  • I no longer have the option. I have the constant reminder of body shape hanging over me now.

  • I want to be a square. I've been unexpectedly transformed.

  • Sir, anything's better than being hexagonal!

    I do quite like Cylindrical Fox. Cylindrical Fox is Cylindrical.

  • We should respect hexagonal as a valid life choice.

  • Yes but my human rights have been denied to me forcing me to be a circle without asking first!

  • But what does he say?

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