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Race for life 10 k on Sunday! Any tips

Starting to panic slightly. I signed for a 10k race for life a few months back. I've done the 5k one before and thought I needed the extra challenge.

However due to work and injury I've not trained as often as id like. Can easily do 5k I reckon but never gone as far as 10!!!!! I'm sure atmosphere etc will get me through it but any tips?!

Should I eat anything in particular day before or day of race for extra energy? I'm worried about water on the day as no idea if they have water on the way round but hate carrying it whilst running.

Stupidly the race starts at 12.30! So just hoping weather cools off

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Firstly I would say don't panic, if you can run 5K you can complete a 10k you may have to use a run/walk but that is fine Race for Life isn't a timed race and it's far more important to enjoy your run. Have a look on their website it should tell you if there is a water station or not. As for food etc make sure you have drunk plenty on the couple of days leading up to the day so that you don't start out already dehydrated. Breakfast on the day maybe porridge or my favorite is a peanut butter sandwich about 2 hours before a long run and if you really need it a banana an hour before the race. Have a drink with that and you should be good to go, it leaves enough time to make sure you have been to the toilet before you set out. Good luck and most important Smile and have fun


Oh I am sure if you can do 5k easily, you will be fine. Just take it steady and as mummysaurus has said you can walk a bit too. I did my first 10k race last weekend and walked some of it, it was so hot. I would have some muesli a couple of hours before and drink loads the day before. And check out those water stations, personally I can't go out without carrying it, I wrap a hair band round my wrist and sort of loop it around my bottle so I'm not gripping it all the time. But go and enjoy it, it should be great fun x :-)


I would eat wholewheat pasta and salmon the evening meal before race day, as I read somewhere that it's the thing to do

10 k can be run with no extra food or water but if it's red hot hopefully water will be available along the route. Check though!

Good luck


I don't know what area you are but I am doing the 5K in my area on Sunday and spoke with someone this morning who has done it most years (but she is having a rest this year). We know there is water at the end of the course but not sure about around the course - possibly not because the lady I spoke with today said I should take some with me. Cheers. Fitmo


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