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All fall down!!!!

Up bright and early to greet the lovely summer day, on with my running gear, glass of water and off out. Warm up walk completed and into the first part of my run. For some reason i decided to change the route, instead of turning left i carried on ahead, fatal!!!! Not knowing the terrain and with the early morning sun in my eyes although i had sunnies on, i tripped on a big bump in the tarmac path and down i went!!!!!! Ouch, that hurt, both hands shredded on the rough tarmac, my left knee black and blue and grazed in two places, my left arm from the elbow downwards is going purple, my shoulder hurts like crazy and my left bosom is feeling like it has been kicked by a donkey, not a good start to my day. Needless to say i didn't continue my run but hobbled home. I have my first bowls match this afternoon as well just hope i am gonna be ok and thankful i am right handed!!!!!

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Ouch Carerof! Sounds really horrible. I hope you don't feel too shaken up and manage the bowls alright this afternoon. Have a virtual hug.


Ooooh! Poor you, hope you don't ache too much after that fall. Hope the bowls goes ok this afternoon x


As Mrs Overall might say, "it' God's way of telling you to give up bowls!"

Seriously, I hope you're ok and that your running won't be interrupted. I think we feel daft and all that gets injured is usually our pride.

Happy running!


Know exactly how you feel as I fell in Week 1 not once but twice and although battered and bruised I was more concerned that no one had felt the earth move as I went down like a sack of tatties!

Please take care as sometimes shock is delayed and it would seem that you went with a bit of a bang so 'coddle and cossett' yourself today before you go off to your bowls match.

What a start to your day really sorry that you've hurt yourself quite badly.

I don't know if you're in my age group (nearing 60) but I have found as I have fallen a couple more times since W1 that unlike when I was young and carefree (LOL) I don't bounce these days!! :D

Look after yourself and hope the bowls match goes well and that you're back running soon.



A soak in a nice bubble bath a cup of sweet tea, yes add some sugar its good for shock. You may not feel shocked but a bad fall like that gives anyone a shock. Don't bowl through bad pain though and keep a check on your shoulder, if it gets worse get it checked out. Good luck, hope you feel better soon, just tell everyone its running war wounds :)


thanks everyone for your kind replies. I am taking it easy for the rest of this morning so hopefully i will be ok for this afternoon. Don't want to let the bowls team down, especially as it is my first ever match!!!!! lol

Will let you know how it goes.x


Sorry to hear of your fall; that can't have been nice. :-( Take it nice and easy at the bowls match and a nice relaxing bath afterwards and you'll soon be on your way to feeling better. :-)


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