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Well folks, thanks for all your support!


This time last year, St. Stephen's day was a wake up call for me.

I was a big lad and decided that I would like to lose 2-3 stone.

I weighed over 250lbs, with a bad knee from a soccer injury 17 years ago.

I started walking on Jan 1st and lost a few pounds. Then some more and then some more.

Kept it up for 9 months and had lost a good bit, but needed something new.

Then in late September, started C25K, and I struggled.

I joined a group that never left anyone behind and I was hooked.

Week 5 was another struggle but the W5R3 posts on here telling me that it was all in my mind fired me through it.

Week 6 was my epiphany, and apart from W9R3, W6R3 was my favourite.

I graduated early December (1st graduation of my life).

Did my first timed 5k on 6th of December and did really well, a Santa run, in full suit.

Tomorrow morning, Christmas Day, I am dong a 5K for charity, and if anyone had told me this last Christmas Eve, I would have said that there is a liar here and it's not me!

Enjoy your running guys, and I have posted a photo of me at my staff do last Christmas.

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Wow, well done you Yumph! Have a great Christmas and keep up the good work. I wonder what you'll be posting this time next year? :-)

YumphlaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks BabsB. HM, who knows!


Brilliant post , you have done amazingly well !

You are living proof of what determination, positivity and this programme can do . You should be so, so proud of yourself. Well done !

Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones and have a fab run tomorrow ! :-) xxx


Thanks poppypug, I love running now and support is amazing here, and I pass it on to my group.

Half might be beyond me at the moment, but it's a goal.


That's such an achievement, you should be really proud of yourself. Happy running and happy Christmas !

YumphlaGraduate in reply to Girlyswot

Thank you Girlyswot. I am proud. Looking forward to my run tomorrow.


A fantastic achievement, well done! You should be very proud. Enjoy your run tomorrow x :-D

YumphlaGraduate in reply to no-excuse

Many thanks. Happy as can be.


I have to assume that the sleek looking guy in the avatar pic was the one who fought his way out of the somewhat larger individual in the party pic above. Wow, that is some achievement. Congratulations. Isn't it amazing what difference a year can make? I am sure you feel better for it. If only we could get your story across to all those others who want to change their lives. What was it that made you decide you needed to lose some weight? That click moment when a mind is made up is such a difficult thing to pin down, but would be so useful to know.

Happy Christmas. Keep running, keep smiling.

YumphlaGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Indeed Iannoda, I left that guy in there.

I feel great and as my other team mate says - "Onwards and upwards".

Well done - keep it up.

Happy Christmas


Goodness me, what a difference ! You sound brimming with optimism and running enjoyment. Very well done

Now that's a proper Christmas present to yourself. Congratulations and all the very best to you and yours.

Well done you and a very Merry Christmas to you! I'm in a similar situation, I lost 3 stone before I started running and needed something to keep up the weight loss with another 3 stone to go...only on W6 but looking forward to my Saturday run of 25 minutes. Done 20 so I'll do it I'm sure. Totally hooked even though I'm still overweight AND getting on! Who'd a thought it eh? Thank goodness for the NHS AND Laura...onwards and upwards!

Ps...Peeps were looking at me this morning a little more strangely than normal but I smiled and wished them a good morning AND Happy Christmas!


Great post. You've really got the running bug. Have fun at your Christmas Day run :)


What a fantastic post and what a wonderful journey.

A big congrats to you. You saw something you didnt like and had the motivation and determination to change it.

Very well done. Keep preading the C25K message and many more will follow your example. Have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful life changing anniversary tomorrow. :)


Thanks all for your kind words. Our run this morning turned out to be 6k...

Ran it with my brother in law, who is a serious runner / triathlete and dragged me home in under 29 minutes.

Will enjoy my dinner all the more.

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