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Face Vs ground

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Well run 2 week 3 completed this morning, only after I had tripped clumsily over the small barrier between car park and park. Glad I hit the mud and grass with my face and not the tarmac side of the fence! I still ran, in the rain and I am delighted to say I can now run for 3 mins straight, no stopping or feeling out of puff.

I have learnt :

1) I prefer early morning runs 2) not to mess with my phone while stepping over the fence/barrier3) that I want to run even if I have a really good reason not to 4) I can do this

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Martin_Rose profile image

Well done, great attitude, please be careful.

ejvcruns profile image

This is all very cheerful! Apart from the tripping over the barrier, of course.

I also prefer early morning runs although I mostly only can run in the afternoon. That turns out to be OK as well. Really any time except right after a meal is OK in my book :-)

Also: yes you can!

vlmiller1225 profile image

Yay!! Great Job!!!! :) I try not not mess with my phone period... i'm too clumsy to do phone and run at same time! So i set it and forget it (most of the time!)

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Great job apart from the falling over!! I also love running in the morning and I have just purchased a head torch so I can actually see where I'm running!!

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Well done , I also did wk 3 run 2 today and am loving the fact I can do runs of 3 mins, I find I'm starting to relax more and go into the zone a little now 😁 hope you're ok after your little accident 😉

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DBlou in reply to Ajs07

Thank you and yes, pride bruised more than anything else!

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Good positivity DBlou... outstanding attitude, keep it up... I am only on week 1 so a little bit behind but taking notes and drawing inspiration from fellow c25k'ers like you 👍

Good lessons learned.... especially the not fiddling with phone whilst running. Good job getting Week 2 done and dusted

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DBlou in reply to Jancanrun

Erm... ahem ! It’s week 3 run 2 ! Just saying !!!! Xx

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Jancanrun in reply to DBlou

Sorry numbers wrong way around....

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Oh no? Hope you’re ok & don’t look like someones duffed you in??!! Those are three very good rules you have there!!! I especially like the 4th one...keep smiling despite your injury...😉

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