Aware of my knee

Both of my knees have always clicked quite a lot, and the left one is a bit more 'grindy' when I flex it. I have reached week 7 with no injuries but have suddenly become aware of my left knee during the day. It is not painfull but I notice it in a way I never have before. Been for a run today and it is no worse. A knee support was suggested by a friend (not a runner) and today I went on a cycle path which is less Tarmac and hopefully less wear on my joints. I am not after medical advice but wondered if people have successfully used knee supports or had any experience of knee problems? I am also thinking of taking supplements to protect my joints but don't want to spend a fortune on something unnecessarily. Any advice/tips greatly received.


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  • Husband has had 3 lots of knee surgery and was recommended to take glucosamine and condroitin daily. When i had knee trouble I saw a physio who gave me quad strengthening exercises

    They worked a treat. Suspect the exercises worked quicker and will be of more long lasting benefit. Hope your knees feel better soon.

  • Thank you AncientMum, I just saw a previous post where you talk about quad exercises. I will definitely start these as I have been meaning to do some general strengthening work and now I have a good reason!

  • I'm sceptical about glucosamine. I tried it for months, and it made very little if any difference to my knees. It definitely gave me tummy problems. When I stopped my tummy got better, but again very little if any difference to my knees.

    Ask a doctor before you start taking supplements. Few if any live up to the hype.

  • I've been taking glucosamine and cod liver oil capsules from Sainsburys. I'm not sure if it has helped the knees, but my nails are lovely and strong now! I also used elasticated knee supports at the beginning of the programme till my knees got stronger. I've now incorporated other exercises into my repertoire, so the knee supports are back. Squats and lunges with my kettlebells cause all sorts of knee issues, but my upper legs are getting much stronger, which is good.

  • Check out the knee exercises on the NHS livewell site - I found them a real help. Also if you have access to softer surfaces that is good.

  • I have just had a go at some exercises and was fine with the knee clicking until I tried the one legged squats. The crunching sound of my left knee made me feel physically sick! So much so I couldn't carry on ๐Ÿ˜ง I will give it a go tomorrow with some music on to drown out the creaks, luckily there was no pain

  • Quad exercises are a must as these muscles support the knee. Have you had a gait analysis done? I had trouble with my left knee as I over pronate on that side. Stability running shoes and quad strengthening have sorted that problem. Also, I am tight in my left hip too so yoga stretches help with that. I run about 22k per week.

  • Sounds interesting mummyoftwo, How would I get a gait analysis done?

  • Sorry mummytotwo ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  • I got mine done at Sweatshop. Have a google and there should be one near to you. All staff there are runners. Takes about half an hour.

  • Thank you mummytotwo, I will definitely consider the gait assessment as I have always worn down shoes in a strange way! Going to have a couple of weeks with quad exercises first to try one thing at a time. I managed to do them tonight but had to wear headphones to avoid hearing the crunches ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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