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Hello all, I'm on run 3 of week 6 and have until now completed all of the runs on a treadmill in my garage (childcare issues)! Today I went outside for the first time. I ran 3.12 miles and the running sections was just under an 11min mile. I'm so chuffed with this but had to stop several times (I'm in really hilly Devon) and the hills just floored me. Should I try and finish the programme on the treadmill so I know where I am or just run as hard and as well as I can outside? I really enjoyed it outside but knew I'd struggle with the hills.... Thanks in advance


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Ohhhh I've still got my graduate badge! I first did this two years ago, but had piriformis injury and it al fell apart!!


I've never tried a treadmill but I know you can't beat hilly Devon for building your stamina. Keep the treadmill for when life and or weather stop you getting outside. Welcome back.

Keep running, keep smiling


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