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I did week 8 run 1 today. I've been doing it all on a treadmill. I really want to start jogging outside as I want to do the Race for Life in July and know that I need outdoor practise. Would it be best to complete to the end of week 9 indoors and then start outdoors? I keep thinking I'm so near to graduation that if I go outside and it's too hard, it will set me back. Thanks


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  • Some people do find outdoors harder, so you could choose to go back a step on the programme for your first few outdoors runs - or you might just decide to go for it! Either way if the weather is nice (and even if it isn't) Its much more pleasant, so focus on that!

  • I find running outdoors a bit harder but you gain so much more in other ways outside. If your aim is to run outside for your race I agree with gnimia, try it and if it's too much just go back a few weeks and catch up. The way I would look at it is when you graduate you want to feel positive about having a very good base for your training for your race. If you do it all ondoors and then feel like you have to take a step back it will not make you feel as positive as you could. Just imagine your graduation run out doors. There will be no stopping you and no barriers for you On That day you will just of done it, even if it might take you a couple of weeks more. It will be a definitely more positive approach to your running journey in life.

  • My aim is outdoors but I'm now on w9 and have been mainly on a treadmill, last week I tried 8r2 outdoors and couldn't do it (had to keep stopping) so I've decided to get to the end then start a few weeks back outdoors. Think it'd need to be wk 4/5 though.

  • Running outside is hard work because the surface is uneven, unlike a smooth treadmill. Your body will need time to adjust and retrain the muscles to respond to uneven terrain. It may feel frustrating, but in order to prevent injury as you get used to running outside, it may be wise to go back a few sessions.

  • I have been running outdoors since the start. I changed my route to a harder one, I was on week 5. It took me two and a half weeks to complete week 5. It's worth the effort but you will find it different and more rewarding.

    S X

  • I have only ever run outside, but my advice to you is to graduate on the treadmill if that's where you feel happiest. So much of this running lark is about getting your head in the right place. Once you have graduated you can set yourself the challenge to start off doing one run a week outside. At first you may not quite manage 30 minutes but you can build up, and if you are also running on the treadmill you will keep your fitness level up. That's my advice for what it's worth! Chris

  • I think that treadmill running is quite good for getting some cardio strength -- but running on the "hard" is a bit of a shock to the body. In essence, on a treadmill, the mill is turning beneath your feet - so your arms and legs are moving and your heart and lungs are working -- all good stuff -- but you are not getting the GROUND IMPACT that you get when running outside. I believe that one of the things we have to do is to run in such a way as to minimize that ground impact as much as possible. It is really the ground impact that kills me more than muscle or cardio strength/endurance.

  • I actually find it easier to run outside - am I the only one?? I did most of the programme on the treadmill and only ran outside towards the end and loved it. It's all mental, though, most of my running is a mental battle with myself - when I run on the treadmill I am always looking at the time/distance but when I run outside, I just listen to my body and go with the flow. I've got my music going and my app announcing distance travelled and I'm often pleasantly surprised at how the time goes and distance increases! Whenever you decide to take it outside - enjoy!

  • As an outdoor devotee, I'm possibly just a tad biased, but I cannot recommend highly enough running outdoors. No two days or runs are quite the same. The wind, rain, sun, smells etc are ever changing and are to be embraced.

    I would suggest completing your C25K on the treadmill, but also doing some outdoors running to try it. Don't just jump into the last few runs outside; it is different.

    Whatever you do, I would just like to add that we are all so proud of you for what you have achieved. Please keep going and keep us informed.

    Good luck with the RFL.

  • I only run outside. Treadmills don't feel like running to me as the treadmill is doing the work. But you have to do what suits you best. However if you want to do RFL or park runs then you have to get outside and practice. 5k outside feels a lot longer than it does on a treadmill.

    Good luck

  • I think I will graduate on the treadmill just to graduate and then I will make a start on outdoor running! But still do a bit from time to time on the treadmill. I do a lot of walking on it anyway. Thanks all for your replies!

  • I think you are wise to decide to graduate on the treadmill as that is what you are most comfortable with for now. You can start running outdoors once you have graduated and build it up until you are ready for the RFL. Enjoy your graduation and good luck with your future running. Best wishes.

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