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I've been running outside!!

So I did all the C25 app on my treadmill and was very nervous about running about outside, in public, where people might actually see me, but thanks to some good advice from you guys, I have done a few outside runs and I like it!

It is different from the treadmill. I find it quite bizarre to control my own pace and not know exactly how fast I'm running but I do manage to run for 30 mins (on Friday it was 32mins - yay for me!)

The first run I was so euphoric at having managed to be outside, I shouted a very cheery 'Hello Jo' , accompanied with a huge wave, at someone I thought I knew. It wasn't Jo and I didn't know her, still, the stranger returned the wave and smile.

My face goes very red when I run, and I think my breathing may be quite loud as on my second run, two kind ladies were very concerned for me and had to check I was all right. I managed a thumbs up and a breathy 'I'm fine, I'm just not very good' as I slowly passed them.

There MAY be people who can see you when you run outside, but in my experience they are all very nice!

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Good for you.

I realise that, for whatever, reason some people prefer (or need) to use a treadmill but for me there is nothing like being out in the great outddors.


Fantastic , Well done you !

You made me laugh where you said to those ladies " I'm fine, I'm just not very good ! " Ha ha :-D

Ah but you are , you are running for 32 minutes Missus !

Great post and enjoy the great outdoors ! :-) xxx


Well done, I understand what a big achievement it is x

I'm also doing C25K app on treadmill because I can't face running outside until I graduate and would be running.

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I'm also doing the programme indoors on a treadmill, because I'm carrying a little bit of extra weight I jiggle a lot outdoors, I think the cushioning of the treadmill helps me a little. It may be that I will run outside when I am a bit lighter.


I'm a definite jiggler!

I just think 'would all these slimmer runners be able to go as fast as they go if they were carrying a (ahem) 40lb pack on their back?'

I think we jigglers do ok. :-)


I also started on the treadmill and only ventured out in week five. To be honest, I still mix and match; especially on rainy days (oh for wash and go type hair!). I have only experienced positive, encouraging smiles both from other runners and pedestrians so my fears were groundless. Keep going!

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I'm glad you've gained that confidence :)

Being nervous about being seen is 'very real' and can cause major anxieties. I'm glad that you've worked through it- the confidence from a 30 minute solid run is amazing :) You will start to get comfier still- the red face may be a feature for a while!- but you won't feel like you have to explain your pace etc. to 'joe public'. I still feel very humble in a 'real' runners presence, my pace is slow and I have lots to learn but never have I actually been told that by one which is lovely :)

I haven't done any runs on a treadmill but will likely be purchasing one this year to see me through weather/ home circumstances and I'm nervous about that now!! My speed fluctuates quite a bit and I'm not sure how that will translate.

I don't think it matters how we do it, just that we do it :)

Happy running 😁


I have noticed that when I run outside my speed fluctuates quite a bit - due to the incline or surface or just whether I can see a dog walker and don't want to look a total slow coach! On the treadmill, you get none of that, you just find a pace you are comfortable with and as there are no changes you can just keep going. :-)

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