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Outside running

Really struggle with this I am on week 9 running on a treadmill, but am in Bristol on grandchild duty so no treadmill. Had a go at running outside last night but really struggled barely made 3 mins. Seem to have sore big toe but swollen on the top near the joint stiff and a bit sore to move. Very disappointed with my outside performance had difficulty breathing sounded like a puffing billy train! Didn't run long enough to get red!

Will havre to wait till next week to complete week 9 and then think about venturing outside. All things being good with pouty toe ( my daughters remark) sure it isn't gouty toe !

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Well done for keeping up the habit.

Moving from the treadmill does present a lot of folks with problems. Firstly just slow right down to learn what pace you can maintain. Many have treadmills set at a gradient to better simulate running outside and reduce the shock of the real world.

You are doing great, so stick with it.


Yes I will so nearly there, I do set the machine with a small gradient and will do the week 9 on my return perhaps with a week off I will be rejuvenated! Thanks for your support


Running outside can be fabulous... I live in BRISTOL too ( Cleeve which is just west ) and one of my fave routes is around the docks area... I find if you run in a place you want to explore it makes it so much better.... keep it slow and steady and relax into it 😎


Well you tried to run with an injury, how brave is that? So a bit of r and r needed, then you get back to normal service and get the treadmill challenge nicely done and dusted. Tarmac, trails or treadmills, We all do it in our way and our time, you had a go but looking forward to seeing you stride onto the podium with or without a pouty, gouty toe... hopefully without!


You are doing brilliantly and running outside is so different...slow and steady is really the only way to go... Just keep your eye on the toe!!! But not whilst running!


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