Post run compliments!

Today I went to get some breakfast at the end of my run girl at the check out in Tesco asked me how I keep so trim. I couldn't believe it. No ones ever said anything about my physique before. I nearly said " what are you talking about, last Christmas I was about the size of two of you" but I decided to use the opportunity to tell her about C25K. Anyone else got any similar stories?

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  • Yep,

    Happens all the time. Someone was talking about producing flyers for doctors surgeries etc but it would be great to have some to hand out to people who notice & comment.

  • Yep - loads of people at work, my customers and the "school run crowd" have all failed to recognise me on a few occasions as I'm half the man I used to be and they've asked how I managed to get so trim... People even said my skin looked better (weird)... Rock on C25K... My GP knows all about it (he is mad and runs 26.2 a few times a year) but it's a shame not more people know about it...

  • It's good int it! Well done you for losing weight and keeping it off through your running.

    I have lost a lot of weight and find that running is the easiest way to keep it off. You have to maintain a healthy diet, but at least if you're running you can eat really well and not gain weight. Bring on the Yorkshire puddings!

  • What a lovely experience. Bless her for saying it :)

  • Wow, what a compliment :)

    I'm sure you don't need any extra incentive to keep going, but if you start wavering then hopefully this will help!

  • How wonderful! I bet you feel absolutely amazing. We owe a lot to C25K - and our own efforts of course!

  • Every little helps :-)

  • I would have floated out the supermarket , that's a great compliment .

  • I didn't start running to lose weight, but I was hoping it would be a side effect! Four people at work today told me I'd lost weight today, so guess it is!

  • Sounds like a very sincere compliment so enjoy it. Best wishes. Fitmo

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