my first 10k race

Well it's over, phew. I was dreading it and it's done. I got worried about running in a crowd when it's usually a solitary activity for me, but I quickly discovered that most of the field were bunched up way ahead, and down where I was we were quite spaced out. I stayed nice and slow for the first 2k and let everyone whizz ahead of me, and then sped up a bit once I was confident I was going to finish.

I ran a time of 1 hour 3 minutes, which is 7 minutes faster than I've done 10k before. And when I crossed the finishing line my two year old was there with a big sign saying come on mummy.


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  • Awesome! Well done!

  • Oh how lovely, congratulations xx I can just imagine how you felt coming to the end with your little one holding up the sign :-).

    I'm trying to build up to 10k got a race in July but as things go at the moment ill be struggling a little.

    Well done to you though enjoy a celebratory glass of fizz x your now a 'big time' runner

  • good luck in July - I think 10k is much less daunting if you keep remembering the thing laura says about it not mattering how slow you go as long as you keep running

  • Well done, runner45! It's a great feeling completing a race, isn't it. All the more so for you, with your wee 'un cheering for you! Great finishing time too!

  • Thank you!

  • Congratulations. Now it's time to celebrate

  • Had a glass of fizz and a huge sunday roast with all the trimmings!

  • Well done. Great to hear from someone who has made the step to 10k.

    I've signed up for one in June but so far have only done 6.5k max.

  • Getting from 5 to 10 was SO much easier than getting from 0 to 5 for me - hope it's the same for you too

  • Thats brilliant and a fab time too! I am a solo runner too but maybe it was the pull of the crowd and the fact it was a race that made you go faster.How sweet of your little one too with the sign :)

    I have signed up for my first 10k in September :O Oh no, its out in the open now.....! But who knows, if I'm feeling as confident as I do right now I may enter one that is sooner.

    No HM yet though Phil, in case you are reading!!!! :D

    Enjoy the feeling and celebrate your PB!!


  • thank you and go for it!

  • Wow!! 7 whole minutes off your best time is an amazing run!! And what a lovely thing to see as you came towards the end!! You must be feeling amazing!! :-)

    Well done!! :-D

  • That really is a brilliant time. I'm jealous.

    Very well done!

  • thank you - still slower than 95% of the people in the race tho' - how do they do it?

  • Congratulations! I did my second 10k today... were you are Harewood House too?

  • No I was at Balfron in Scotland - how was your race?

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