Morning Run. A shocking state of affairs

The running bug must be biting me quite badly as I was raring to go at 4am this morning. After making my lunch for work and having a good glug of water before starting I finally left the house about 420am.

During the warm up walk the first thing I come across is a man weaving and staggering homewards muttering to himself as well. Must have been a good night for him.

However the shocking part was about 5 minutes into my run when I went past the local McDonalds. Outside was about half a dozen kids. When I say kids they looked to be between the ages of 12-15. It may offend some but what the hell are parents thinking when allowing their children to be out at that time in the morning.

Yes they may have all been friends but to me they should still be at home safe and sound. The shop itself does not open until 6am so they would be hanging around there for over an hour or even longer depending on the time they got there.

Carried on past them anyway and did a total of 33 minutes of running but still in shock of them being out at that time in the morning.


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14 Replies

  • Well done on your run Andy. As the mother of 12 and 15 year old boys, I'm with you on your concern btw. My two have not long surfaced from their beds....!

  • One of the parents was probably the bloke that staggered past you :-D Still, those kids really should be in bed at that time - not loitering. I think it's great that you go out really early. I love early morning runs. Although I don't see anyone as I am in the country - a few hares and pheasants :-D

  • Generally they should be, but as a young lad at about that age during the Summer and holidays I could sometimes be out with mates night fishing, or up and out early helping my brother's on they're milkrounds...

  • Strange with the kids - had they been up all night? Or had their parents left them there for a "healthy" breakfast, do you think?

    Well done for running so early - that really is dedication!

  • A 'healthly' breakfast maybe if they had just water.

    Early morning runs wake me up for the time I have left at work. Waiting to hear 'when' my final day of work will be, know its at some point after 1st Sept but could be March next year. All in the way of cost cutting they are shutting our site down.

    Running is my way of 'switching' off from those thoughts and to get it all straight in my mind.

  • Uncertainty like that is a real pain. Hope you find something else real soon - and running is a great way of clearing your head and straightening your thoughts. I still don't think I could run at that time though - although I do get up at 5:45 am, so that's quite early for most people.

  • 545am and I am on the start of my commute to work. Only live 20 miles in a straight line but take 5 forms of transport to get there for 720am.

    Been getting up at 430ish for the last 20+ years so its my natural wakeup time now. Even on holidays/Christmas I am up then.

  • Hi AndyIoW , sorry to hear about your job , that must be a constant worry on your mind :-(

    Lets hope for positive times ahead ....

    I am intrigued, what 5 forms of transport do you have to take ? xxx

  • Car to Ryde, Hovercraft to Southsea, bus to Portsmouth Station, train to Havant then walk to Langstone.

    Can get interesting or varied depending on trains and weather.

  • Blimey ! That is a long haul ! Hopefully you will get somewhere a bit closer next ! :-) xxx

  • Can't believe you're up at 4am, Andy! Although I live in Southsea so know that trip over from the island is a difficult commute for you IOWers.

    I'd imagine the group you saw were probably looking for pokemon - apparently that's the thing to do these days (so I'm told, I'm completely not down with the kids).

  • That's a really good point that Melly, I saw a coupla lads near my work looking for it / whatever it is .

    Young 'uns eh ? :-) xxx

  • Not as bad as my first job I ever had when I lived in Kent 30 years ago. Left home at 4am so was usually up at about 3am. A long walk to the train station (no buses at that time. Got to work about 730am did a full day then returned home about 8pm then bed. Was only there for 3 months before getting laid off along with a few others.

    On the first Hover in the morning so you can blame us for waking you all up :)

    Whats a pokemon or am I showing my age?

    Whats wrong with just using your own imagination. I know when I was younger a few sticks, a bit of rope/twine, sheets of plastics (Dad got loads for free), water and a free mind was all myself and my sisters and brother needed to keep us occupied in the summer holidays.

    Mine you, kept Mum on her toes trying to keep us quiet when Dad was trying to sleep in the day when doing nights 4/3 rota (4 days, 3 nights, 4 off, 3 days, 4 nights then 3 off. Repeat again).

    But saying that we all learnt how to survive by being taught how to cook and repair clothing and other things. Much better than the current throw away society there seems to be now.

  • I agree... I wouldn't let my 11 or 14 year old old that early to be queuing at Maccy D's!!!! Every respect for your early start, it's good to see that dedication :)

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