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WK 7 R1


Really struggled tonight on this one. Didn't enjoy it at all which is a shame as I've enjoyed everyone up until now and I've done it to the book, never deviated, never admitted defeat and yet tonight was the first time I had an overwhelming urge to stop. I didn't, which I suppose is the main thing but I'm annoyed the urge was there. It's left me with a feeling of dread for the rest of the plan :-(

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It'll just be a one off, I'm sure you'll be fine next time. Keep up the good work :)

kazzy40 in reply to Paul_Gibbs

I hope so. Thank you. I just didn't feel comfortable in my own skin even tho I was wearing the same as always. Everything was irritating me, my hair, my ear phones, my music!. I run on my treadmill and in the end I threw my ear phones on the floor, switched my phone off and just got my 9 yr old daughter to just chat to me. Hope Thursdays better


Well done for fighting through it. That’s the real challenge.


You’ll be fine. The next run will get you on track. I had to stop for the first time ever in the ParkRun on Saturday as went too fast. I know what you mean exactly. I had to do a horrendous 10k yesterday without stopping as I would’ve given up running I think if I’d have stopped again! But we have to realise we have bad runs, but they make the good ones sweeter 👌🏽


I felt the same on that run too. Next 2 have been much better thankfully! You can do it 🙂


Don't despair, just a run to forget about - and you did it anyway, so brilliant you 😎


I've just completed the same run and like you I felt I really struggled. Weird because I really enjoyed Wk6R3 which is essentially the same run! I still completed it (apart from having to stop briefly to shoo away a dog that nearly tripped me up and was far too interested in my trainers half way through). Fingers crossed for Wk7R2 for you!! Hope we have better runs!


I felt the same with that run. R2 was better. Well done for getting through it. When Laura came on & said "you've been running for five minutes" I nearly gave up there & then - felt like I'd been running for five years.... you'll smash it don't worry.

We all get occasional one we struggle with (w7 r1 & r2 for me) then next one was amazing and they've stayed amazing 😉 well done for carrying on you'll be fine 😊

Thanks all for your words of support. Well done all of you for keeping going. Here's to Run 2

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