Hard going at the start?

Hi all, I have just completed the third run of week 6, i.e. 25 mins without a break. For some reason I found it very hard going.... mostly within the first 10 minutes of the run. Why is it that sometimes it is really hard going and at other times it seems to go smoothly? Could it be a factor of something I've eaten or the weather even? I completed the run and feel good about myself, but if anyone has any tips on why this is and how to avoid it, that would be really helpful. Thanks.

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  • It's known as the toxic ten , it's a well known fact , I kid you not . It's when your body doesn't know if it in fight or flight mode , it then realises it's not under threat & settles down .

  • Toxic ten? I've never heard of that before. Clearly I've got some research to do! Thanks Rockette

  • I hadn't till I read it on internet , makes sense though

  • Oh sorry forgot to say congratulations on completing wk 6 well done

  • Yes, well done for completing week 6 and goodbye to the last of the walking breaks if I remember rightly!

    Sorry, I think the first few minutes are hard for most of us. Sometimes I get into my stride straight away, but sometimes those first few minutes seem to take twice as long as the rest of the run and take 10 times more effort.

    I can only suggest that you try starting off more slowly than you do at the moment. I think the idea of going from walking to running makes most of us think we should have a significant difference in pace, but that's not necessarily true (especially if you've been good and have been "brisk walking"). Start really slowly, then if you have some energy left at the end, you can speed up a little for the last minute or 5.

  • I hadn't thought of that RNB. I'll give it a go too. Kingfisher, I just have to keep telling myself that if after 15mins I still feel like this I can give up & to be honest, I'm well past that first 5/10mins feeling by then. I give myself a good talking to. It's rare I ever regret a run. I can't understand why it's so hard to get out sometimes.

  • Rockette explained it perfectly. I have been running 3x week since last oct and still feel I am going to die the first 5 or 10 mins. But now I know it will pass and i will feel better. Just one of these things

  • Yeah thanks for all the replies. I did run 1 for wk 7 yesterday and checked the watch. After the first 9 minutes things did become easier and knowing that if I can just push through that first 8-10 minutes it will get better actually really helps. Now I just need to think of things that will distract me for that initial period!

  • I feel completely the same, the first 5 or so minutes aren't getting any easier! I also have a dip around 10-12 minutes, so much so that I was screaming some choice words in my head at myself today when I started to get the "Just stop for a minute" voice at about 12 minutes. I definitely think it's a mental rather than a physical thing.

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