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Week 6 is hard


I completed week 6 run 2 yesterday, and its hard, Ive found both runs this week really hard and I cant tell exactly why, its not my cardio as I can still give my furry buddy all the instructions I need to and greet anyone I see along the way. Its not my muscles, Ive had the Im going to stop working in a minute muscle pain and that wasnt there.

All I can describe it as is that I just feel tired and cant seem to get past it, maybe its a mental thing, I dont know. Clinging on to the fact that Ive completed all the big time leaps and now my next 4 runs are all the same, so tomorrow will probably be hard again but im hoping I start to adjust next week, please tell me it will actually happen and im not just being stupidly optimistic

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I found exactly the same thing! I've now completed w9r1, so it does get better. In the end I had a week off in week 6 as I was getting increasingly fed up, demoralised and tired. Coming back after that time off I nailed it first time and carried on to where I am today. It does get better, I promise!

You're doing brilliantly and yes some of the longer runs are very much a mental challenge. But stick with it, you are ready for each run, take it very slowly. The programme hasn't let you down yet and it won't.

Running is hard which is why most people don't do it. But it feels easier as time goes on because your body gets stronger and fitter. Be very proud that you started this, you've done so, so well and you WILL finish it. And when you do, just think how you're going to feel!!!


I think wk 6 is a big and important week. It is the first week where you jump to longer runs, you are also going off the back of the massive 20mins continuous of wk5 run3, which you body needs to recover from. It is a push but get through it and the mental boost it gives is tremendous. wk7 8 and 9 seem a breeze compared to it.

Well done on completing run 2! 1 more to do and its the cruise to graduation for you!


You are doing so well, congratulations on your success. Perhaps you could think about taking an extra rest day before your next run which may really help. The journey is your own, enjoy every step 😀

Am 6 was so tough , I've just completed program and to be honest looking back that was the hardest you'll be fine when you get into a rhythm on your next run

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