Couch to 5K

Week5run1 and loved it :-)

Since starting again at week 3 I have found it hard. Just done week 5 run 1 and loved it, I felt like I could keep going but decided to stop so that I didn't push myself and upset the knee again.

It is a lovely morning, cool at 15degrees. The snow topped Andes mountains look stunning this morning against the blue sky. I thought I would miss the country lanes of cheshire and listening to the bird singing but this morning I wanted to keep going. I am looking forward to the next two runs. Also running for the green man makes you do mini sprints, thank goodness in Chile they so patient and wait for you.

So I have finally decided to buy myself a garmin forerunner 10. I see the 15 is out but they don't seem to have it in Chile, plus I think the 10 does everything I need at this stage, distance and time. Plus all you lovely people have said how good it is. I am thinking a pink one. Was going to wait until week 8 but ...

I love c25k

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Congratulations on starting week 5 - I guess that the work you put in before means your fitness levels are going up. And you certainly have a gorgeous view to distract you! Hopefully all that lovely mountain air is inspiring too. Having just struggled through it, I think week 5 is much more a mental than physical challenge and it certainly sounds like you have the right attitude to sail through it. Enjoy the rest of your week!

EDIT - I just read your old posts to find that you've got to week 7 before, so will stop handing out advice to people more experienced than me, other than to say enjoy your run!


Trust me I struggled doing week3 and 4. The longer runs are harder as you want to stop but you are right distracting yourself during a run works wonders. I need a lot to motivate me and get me out the door but once out I enjoy it.

Look your through week 5 now, look at how far you have come and you will get through the next few weeks! We can do it


Well done and you deserve to treat yourself. I'm looking to buy myself a Garmin to celebrate me extra incentive to finish the c25k ;)


Hi Paul, thank you. But I should be saying well done to you!! I see you have finished week 7, congratulations. You are nearly there :-)

I just got a Garmin watch, I got the 220 in the end it just felt better plus the garmin shop had 20% off because it's Father's Day. Also it was slightly cheaper than the prices on uk website. Know I will finally know how far I have gone and how fast.


Thank you :) Yes, can't believe I'm almost there. The 220 is a great choice and with that discount you couldn't really say no ;) Enjoy it.


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