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Erm they don't warn you about what to do in hail on the pod cast!!!

So yesterday I waited until the clouds had appeared as it was too hot to run in the day. At about six i ventured out intending to do my week 8 run 3. The air was thick and I felt like I couldn't breathe so I switched to doing what my run club are doing this week (two twelve minute intervals) to give myself a break. I was on a country road with lovely hilly fields on one side and trees on my side with the path. I had finished my first twelve minutes and knew I could cope with the second set. Then there was a flash and an almighty roll of thunder and the air went deliciously cool. I was wearing a lycra sports top and leggings and my trainners and had a stop watch just to complete the picture.

I started to run again and the rain started to fall. Yum - cool and lovely and I thought this is nice. Then something made me look over my shoulder. There was a wall of white headed my way coming up behind me. Wow I thought that is RAIN. Then the rain hit me and it was so heavy I couldn't see. I found a little bit of the thin path that gave some shelter. That was when the first hail stones bounced up off the floor and I realised what the white wall was. It hit my spot and there was nothing I could do, it had gone very dark and very cold and it felt like I was being hit with glass. I wrapped myself round a pole with a road sign on and was literraly shouting with pain.

Amazingly two cars pulled over and I was rescued by two lovely ladies who despite the fact that I was completely drenched - there was so much water on my face I thought my contacts had come out - they let me get in their car and drove me back to my town. Once I jumped out of the car there and said thanks - I started to jog home - I was literally soaked through. It hadn't rained or hailed there though so I got some funny looks. I think they probably thought I was doing some kind of wet run or that I was the worlds sweatiest runner!!!

Those two women were life savers though - its funny now but at the time I had no where to go that would get me out of the blinking painful hail - proper big balls of it too!!!! Thank god for neon pink on my trainners otherwise I don't think they would have spotted me, despite my huge legging clad bottom!

Just thought I would share my little adventure.

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Oh I'm sorry I did laugh!!!!! The world's sweatiest runner, that really made me laugh! How come that happens? You're wet through and yet 200 yards down the road is bone dry! Tsk

Well done you on managing to cadge a lift. Those ladies are true saints! Good to see there are still some good peeps about.

So, now you've lived through a blizzard of ice rocks you can conquer Week 9. Da da da!!!! (cue dramatic music!)


lol, it was funny! I think experienced runners must have sensed the impending ice as it's probably the first time I haven't seen anyone else out for a run! Didn't realise that until I was reflecting back on it. And yes, thay were true Saints - I shall pay it forward if life presents the chance :)


Oh my god haha! What an experience!! This past couple of weeks have certainly been interesting weather wise haven't they? The worst that's happened to me though is running in seriously heavy rain. People look at you as though you're barmy though they LOL. Well, we probably are :)

Sooo nice of those ladies to rescue you! I don't imagine a road sign providing a lot of shelter haha! :D

Maybe next time take your crash helmet!


I was picturing poor old Finn sheltering under no more than a pole! Oh dear me!

It's hailing here!!! A huge hail and rain storm. Hail as big as golf balls bouncing off the conservatory. It's thundering too.


A crah helmet and an inflatable raft with a little tent on in a back pack lol


Crazy weather this week! Step away from the glass misswobble :)


Oh no - would be hilarious if it didn't sound quite so painful. Thank heaven for those ladies. We take our life in our hands every time we step out that door! :-)


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