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How do you know what to wear in the rain?


Ok, I did W7R1 this morning and it was my first run in the rain. So far I had managed to avoid the wet stuff, but thought, hey you never know you might like it.

It went well and I didn’t mind the dripping down my face and quite liked the way it kept me cooler. I saw a number of other runners on my way and what they wore varied so much. Some were wrapped up including woolly hats, gloves and thick coats, others in just a vest and leggings.

Just wanted to know if there are any tips when peering out the window before a run?

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You’ll have to experiment with what’s works for you, I have a waterproof hoodie that I’ve worn, but 5 mins in I get to hot and have to take it off, this morning I just wore running tights and a compression top with an under armour thin top to cover my arms, this suited me, but it took me a few runs to work this out.

Good luck in finding what works for you.

Good for getting out there in the rain. 👍👏

Personally I enjoy it. Not so much the warming up, but once I’m running I’m comfortable in a thin running jacket over a thin long sleeved running top and leggings. When it starts to get warmer, I’ll change to a vest top underneath with cropped leggings, then eventually no jacket at all in the rain.

I find actual waterproofs too hot as they’re generally not breathable, but you’re right, you see people wearing all sorts. Trial and error is the best way forward for you!

Good luck and enjoy your running!


Today was the first time I had run in proper rain too. Been out on light drizzle before but today it was proper raining. I wore leggings and a vest top with a light Karrimore running jacket over. It felt quite cold when I went out but soon warmed up. I actually didn’t really notice the rain until I got home and realised how wet my hair was 😥

HapptogiveitagoGraduate in reply to E27M14

Thank you. I wore a light weight running jacket from Decathlon and a long sleeved top. Seemed ok today.

Well done for your first rainy run too!


We are all different.

Wear what suits you.

I find waterproof jackets make me wet from the inside out.

Mind you, I am a wimp and rarely start a run in the rain.

Flexibility and weather forecasts are wonderful things.


I run in the rain very often. I have an aldi thin hooded run jacket I can take it off if I get too hot, and tie it round my waist. Pop it back on when I’ve finished my run. I bought an aldi run cap at the same time which I wear if the rain is heavy 🙂

Several thin layers are better than one thick layer 🙂

HapptogiveitagoGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks for the advice, sounds like I was wearing something similar. I’ll look out for a cap, sounds like a plan.


I don't change anything about what I wear. I might if setting out for a 20km run across the moors (not something I have yet done in any weather, up to 13km) but otherwise no.

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